November in our Garden – Operation Clean up – A New Garden Bed

Hello! How are you all? All well here. It’s finally the weekend, after a very long week. The full moon did a number on me yesterday (and everyone else I came into contact with, it seems) with the worst day I’ve had in a very long time (I’m talking years and years here). I managed to sneak out of work early and had a little cry over a couple of vodkas. Hubby’s day didn’t go much better, so we cheered ourselves up with a dinner out at an amazing Greek restaurant in Sechelt called Daphne’s. It cheered me right up – the food and the atmosphere were fabulous. If you’re ever up this way, it’s definitely a place to visit for supper. Of course, a few vodka’s helped as well. 🙂

So, with renewed energy, today, we tackled the next phase in our garden clean up. To read about the start of “Operation Clean Up”, click here.   Last weekend we were in Vancouver, and so didn’t do anything. But we caught an early ferry on the Sunday, and took the opportunity in the afternoon to burn all the wood and garbage

It burned for several hours, so we made ourselves comfortable in one of those chairs you see in the photo, poured ourselves a drink and enjoyed thebonfire.

Today, I raked up some more leaves from that area and tidied up a bit so we could start on our garden bed

Backyard clean up

There are still a few little things that need to go to the garbage – like the fan and the old front door mat – so I put them in a pile by my car to remind myself to take them. Not the dog, of course – she stays!

Back yard clean up

Beneath a huge fern that hubby had to cut back to make way for the garden bed, he found this lovely thing

I think it’s a coal scuttle,  or something to hold wood. Either way, I love it, and am going to clean it up and do something with it.

And then we started on the garden bed – this will house the Sweet Peas, Gladioli, Lavender, Spring Bulbs and possibly the Nasturtiums cascading over in the front. There was a gap between the bottom of the shed and the ground, so hubby boarded it up so the soil wouldn’t disappear

New Garden bed

And then he put down some stone for drainage

After that, he put together the wooden frame

A quick run into town for some soil


which hubby then shoveled into the new bed.

It almost looks like we know what we’re doing, doesn’t it? 😀

Once that was done, I moved the Lavender into one corner


and planted Daffodils for the Spring (yikes! I hope it’s not too late)

As I planted the last bulb, it conveniently started to rain. So instead of watering, I sat on the shed step and finished my wine

The nasturtiums are showing no signs of slowing down and even have new buds on them

and we have a few herbs that are still hanging on for dear life – parsley, peppermint and rosemary

After these photos were taken, I moved the Rosemary and Sage to a spot underneath the porch to protect them from the frost (which we haven’t seen yet).

Unfortunately, the rain stopped us from doing anymore, but we were tired by that time anyway.

Until next time …






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