December (already!) In Our Garden – Operation Clean Up – Porch-appeal

Hello everyone,

Well, all we managed to do this weekend (actually, I should say hubby did all the work) was put the stone slabs in front of the porch to finish it off. We found these lovely little slabs underneath an old bath tub in the garden that had all the soil in it. I love repurposing stuff. To read more about “Operation Clean Up” click here.

Front Porch Before and After

Yesterday, the weather turned freezing overnight and the frost finally hit, so I brought in the Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Chamomile. Hmmm, sounds like the beginning to a song I used to sing, except in my case, the Thyme has been replaced with Chamomile. Last year the Rosemary died, so hopefully it’ll be okay this year.

The Nasturtiums have finally given up – poor things, they look so sad now.


But the lettuce and chard are showing no signs of frost-bite, even though they’ve almost stopped growing completely. Hopefully, they’ll start again when the weather warms up.

lettuce and chard

And the peppermint is looking alright, too. This weekend I’ll cut it all back and make peppermint oil.


I don’t think we’ll be able to do very much until the weather warms up. This weekend I’ll be putting up the Christmas decorations which should be fun.




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