My (Almost) Vegetarian Life – Italian

HellOooo vegetable lovers (and the occasional meat lover)! I must admit that this week’s menu has more meat in it than I’d like, but my Jamie Oliver cookbook showed up on Friday – Jamie Cooks Italy

Jamie Cooks Italy

and I just had to incorporate some of his meals into the menu. I just luuurve Jamie Oliver’s food – the recipes are delicious and easy to follow and I can get all the ingredients at my local supermarket or farmer’s market. I don’t have search the foothills of Morocco for a spice that will cost me an arm and a leg and probably only use once. There are quite a few vegetarian meals in this book, which I’ll explore over the next few weeks.

Aaanyway, I digress. This week I lost another 2.5 lbs last week – yay me. I do believe it’s the vegetarian food and soup for lunch. This week’s soup is delicious Italian soup with meatballs.

Here’s this week’s menu:

Sunday : Roast Pork from Jamie Cooks Italy. I roasted this for over 6 hours and it was the most delicious roast pork we have ever had, sweet potatoes, minted peas, french beans, gravy

Monday : Cacio E Pepe, Green Salad, glass of Reisling 🙂

Tuesday : Braised Chicken in Red Wine, Carrot Caponata, Chickpeas

Wednesday : Vegetable pizza with pesto and feta, garlic bread

Thursday : Vegetarian Chili with corn muffins

Friday : Salmon, fried rice, green salad

Saturday : Florentina Steak with crispy potatoes and salsa verde, beans and carrots, glass (or two) of red wine

Sunday : Roast Chicken, Roast Zucchini, Braised Greens, Roasted Potatoes



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