December in Our Garden – More Porch Love & a Recycling Solution (at last!)

HellOoooo, how are you all? Is everyone ready for Christmas? Me neither. I’m very late putting up my Christmas tree and decorations. We were going to do it last weekend, but ended up doing all sorts of running around and, to be quite honest, I just ran out of steam. Soooo, I vow to do it this weekend.

I finally bought the little fir trees that I tried to buy last year but didn’t. I just love them

Christmas fir trees

and then we bought some little twinkly lights as a Christmas decoration

Christmas lights

but I love them so much, I think I’ll keep them all year round. These lights are not really the right thing, so when they all go on sale in the stores at the end of the year, I’ll get some more 🙂

I finally resolved the recycling dilemma. I bought 2 big black bins – one for the bottles and cans and one for the cardboard and paper. I know it seems like a no-brainer, but I had imagined something different which I couldn’t quite pull off, so in the end I opted for these – which are perfect now that they’re in place.

recycling bins

We put them right outside the front door so there’s no excuse not to lean out of the front door and drop our recycling in them.

Next post … Christmas decorations!






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