Sometimes It’s the Little Things – New Projects, Pantry Re-organization & Coffee Table-scapes

Hello friends. Yesterday, I had the most lovely Sunday that I’ve had in a long time. No over-ambitious meal prep for the week (well, I made my lunches, but that was it!), no rushing around trying to squeeze a week’s worth of housework into 2 hours, just a “it’ll get done when it gets done” attitude and a determination to enjoy my Sunday. And, strangely enough, all the laundry got done and all the housework got done. To make it even more lovely, the sun came out, which always improves our mood.

So I finally got down to the household jobs that actually give me pleasure. I started on a small kitchen project that I’ll put in another post when it’s done

I re-organized my pantry. I find myself having to do this every month or so, and I’m so glad I did. I found bags of stuff hidden away in the back behind other stuff. All the while, I was buying more because I thought I’d run out!! Total waste of money. I bought some more containers (the square ones are the new ones) to keep everything tidy and visible so I’m less likely to make that same mistake again. It’s so easy to put something any-old-where when you’re tired or in a hurry, but it sure doesn’t benefit me in the long run. And by long run, I mean the next week! Alas, I didn’t take a ‘before’ photo, but know that it was a jumble of food


and then I just puttered around reorganizing ornaments

living room decor

living room decor

and making a lovely little coffee table-scape (is that a word?) for the space underneath our little coffee table

and a little tablescape for the dining room table


Our plans to paint our two Ikea kitchen islands and the TV stand looks like it’s going to get done this week. We decided on quite a bold (for me, anyway) colour for the accents and I let my fear of that colour delay things a bit. But, I think it’s going to be lovely, so we’re getting down to it this week and will hopefully have most of it finished on the weekend. Keep checking back here for an update on that, or follow me on Instagram @janebethpovall.



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