Furniture Makeover Part I & Bathroom re-organization

Hello lovely readers. This weekend we finally got around to starting our furniture painting/repainting projects – and there are quite a few. We want more of a beach house look now that we live in, well, a beach house.

Just over a year ago, we bought two kitchen islands from Ikea (love that store). As you can see from the background mess, we’d just moved in a few days before this photo was taken

Ikea kitchen island

And we bought them unpainted because we wanted to do some “Ikea hacking” of our own.

After sanding and priming

we got the main colour – white – going. It’s looking better already!

It’s going to have two colours, so check back next week to see how it’s coming along.

While hubby was doing that, I started on one of our end tables. About 8 years ago, we painted it this colour (yes, that little red table in the corner)

and now it doesn’t fit in with our decor at all, so a makeover is required. We decided on white (can you see a pattern emerging here?) for the legs and a lovely dark blue for the top

End table makeover

Quite a lovely transformation, doncha think? When the legs are completely dry in a day or two, the bottom half of the legs below the green tape, will also be painted that lovely dark blue.

Nothing is escaping our paint brush! Our TV stand is going to get a white-washed look, but before I painted the whole thing and risked hating it later, I took out a shelf and experimented on it first, and I love it! Check back here in a week or two for the finished product.

There are lots of new decor things going on in this little beach cottage over the next few weeks – new slips covers for the sofa, curtains, rugs … so keep checking back to see how it’s all coming together.

Still waiting for hubby to put up my kitchen letters – hopefully in the next few days. 🙂

In between waiting for the furniture paint to dry, I decided to tackle the bathroom cupboard. Nothing seems to stay organized for very long around here and our needs change from time to time as well, so I took everything out (as always) so I could see exactly what we were dealing with.

bathroom organization

We threw away quite a bit of stuff – old lotion and medicines that are past their expiry dates, and things that we no longer use anymore. You can see some of that in the white garbage bag.

Tell me again why we need 3 of these?

bathroom organization

Once we decided what we wanted to keep, I put it all back into their containers – I bought these at the Dollar Store a couple of years ago

bathroom organization

and put it all back into the cupboard

bathroom organization

and a container with some new things the top of the medicine cabinet

It feels great to declutter and reorganize – and now we can find everything again!

See you soon





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