Saturday Drive up into the Hills with Stunning Views

The weekend before this happened (this photo was taken yesterday


we took a drive into the hills to take in some stunning views that hubby had come across in his travels for work the week before.

It’s an area surrounding Coast Gravity Park and is about 20 minutes’ drive from Sechelt town centre. The dirt road, aptly name Dusty Road (how imaginative!) is not very well maintained and there are a few signs along the way stating that. There were quite a few potholes and a vehicle with 4-wheel drive is a must. Potholes aside, we were rewarded with the most stunning views. This is Sechelt from our first vantage point. It wasn’t a very clear day due to all the rain we’d had recently, but still beautiful

and then a little further down the road – more stunning views

We sat on a log and drank our coffee taking in the peacefulness and beauty.

A little way down the road we came to a bridge and a waterfall

So pretty.

Just around the corner, we encountered signs to watch out for falling rocks. I wonder how much longer before this one falls – yikes!

And then more lovely waterfalls

Looking down over the other side at the water rushing downhill, I would not want to fall into that. This photo doesn’t do it justice, but there was some pretty strong-looking white water

and then we meandered along the forest road until we came out at the main road to Sechelt. On the way, we encountered one house in the middle of the forest. If we were in a fairy tale, it would have been the witch’s house in a clearing surrounded by trees. Creepy, yet fascinating.

What a beautiful world we live in.



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