Saturday Afternoon in Egmont – Breakfast on the Patio & BackEddy’s Pub


Hello lovely Readers. This beautiful warm spring weather is making us want to do all things outdoors. Except our cat, Willow. Willow wants to snooze on the couch

Caturday - lazy cat

But, we started off our day with breakfast on the patio – a lovely fruit salad with a yogurt, orange-honey dressing

Rootie Toot Fruit Salad

and then decided to explore the more remote side of the Sunshine Coast with a trip to Egmont (pronounced Egg mont). Egmont boasts being the home of the Skookumchuck Rapids. Isn’t that a lovely word? Come on, say it with me – Skoo kum chuck! 🙂

Skookumchuck Rapids

However, we learned that to get to the rapids would be a 2 km hike and we were feeling more like a wine-on-the-patio kind of day, so we gave it a miss.

Egmont is approximately a 45 minute drive from where we live in Halfmoon Bay. If you were to make the journey from the ferry terminal in Langdale, it would take you about an hour and 20 minutes.

As we drove into the entrance of BackEddy’s Resort & Marina we knew that we had reached our perfect holiday destination. They have accomodations to suit everyone from waterfront cabins, to large and small vintage cabins, an Inn and Geodesic Domes. Not to mention the pub and restaurant, boat marina, general store and liquor store (very important!)

Egmont Cabins

There were facilities for the campers – washrooms and laundry

and something that seems to be dying out – a pay phone

I don’t think that the cell phone reception is all that great out that way, so a pay phone is probably a good thing to have there.

In the parking lot, we encountered this Totem Pole

Egmont - Totem Pole

and a lovely picnic area

Egmont picnic area

where one can sit and admire the view.




We watched a man getting his boat ready with the help of his dog

Egmont sail boat

and the robins gobbling up the worms on the lawn

Egmont robins

We took our dogs down this path to the little beach area to stretch their legs

Egmont Sunshine Coast

and sat on a convenient log and watched the boats go by

Egmont Boats

and a gathering of Ravens at the end of the pier waiting for goodness-knows what

before heading up to the pub for lunch.

We were greeted by this guy at the door

The main dining area was very nice and spacious

with a beautiful sunny patio overlooking the marina

Our server/bartender had a lovely French accent and served us crisp, cold white wine and cold beer, delicious poutine and the freshest Caesar salad I’ve had in a long time.

We left feeling relaxed and happy and vowing to come back to participate in some of the pub events and live music advertised on their web site.




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