A Day In the Life of Willow The Cat

Hello. My name is Willow and I am the boss of my two hoomans who I have pretty much wrapped around my paw.

I like to sleep

sleeping cat

A lot

The couch and my hooman’s lap are very comfortable. But sometimes I just lie there and watch the world go by – upside down.

or from above

Cat in the bathroom

I also like to eat – a lot – and when my food doesn’t arrive exactly on time, I’ll stand here and stare at you until you deliver!

Early mornings are not my favourite time of the day

not a morning person

But after  I’ve had my breakfast and woken up a bit, I like to lie next to my hooman’s computer and mess with the settings by rolling on the keyboard or pushing the keys with my paw

computer cat

When I’m bored with that, I like to go outside and hunt

hunting cat

It’s so exhausting being the main hunter in the family, so I take frequent breaks

My hooman’s don’t seem to like the gifts I bring them very much. I even tried bringing them the live versions, but they rescued them and let them go! They don’t seem to mind if I kill my toys, so I do that quite often

The other day, my hooman brought home a lovely basket … just for me to hide in. I don’t think they can see me from here

But wait … what’s that I see?

This is just too exhausting. I think I’ll go back to sleep.




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