April in Our Garden – New Buds and Junk Clean up

Hello everyone. I hope the weather’s getting warmer where you are. March looked promising with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures, and then it all seemed to go downhill in April with rain and chilly temperatures. I haven’t been able to do very much in our garden at all. Although, now we’re probably not going to do very much except plant a some tomatoes and continue with operation clean up, as we are, more than likely, moving in a few months. More about that in weeks to come.

Last year, I grew tomatoes by experimenting with burying tomato seeds in some soil and to see what would happen. Well, what happened was that the tomato slices grew into lovely tomatoes! To read about that, click here.  So this year I decided to try it again. I used two different varieties this time, Roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, sliced them up,

Grow your own tomatoes from tomato slices

placed them in three separate pots

grow your own tomatoes from tomato slices

grow your own tomatoes from tomato slices

and then covered them up with soil – about and inch or so.

grow your own tomatoes from tomato slices

And now we wait.

The garlic that we planted in November should be ready soon.

Grow Your own Garlic

I’ve never grown garlic before, but my trusty “Vegetable Gardening for Dummies” book tells me that garlic is ready to harvest when the leaves turn yellow and start falling over, but before they dry out. So, when that happens, we’ll do a test and pull one up to see.

Our parsley has sprung to life. I’ll be moving these plants soon to a larger garden bed as I use a lot of parsley in my cooking.


We moved the Peppermint to the front patio because they repel mosquitoes, so hopefully we’ll be mosquito free this summer. Besides, peppermint is delicious when made into a tea and also very refreshing when added to water.

Grow Your Own Peppermint

We also re-potted the rose bush with some lovely new soil, so it’s looking pretty happy and has doubled in size since this photo was taken about a week or so ago


Everything is slowly coming to life – the Rhododendrons


Cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms

Our yellow trees in the front and back yard

Yellow tree

daffodils and tulips



I still need to go and buy the flowers for these pots on my front porch – hopefully, I’ll get round to it tomorrow!

Potted plants and rabbits

We (and when I say ‘we’ I mean hubby mainly :D) finally got round to decluttering and cleaning up the junk in the shed and front yard. We piled up the things to throw out

Declutter the Shed

which grew and grew

declutter your shed

We found a few things we’d, er, misplaced, like this brand new wire brush.

When we were done, hubby piled it into his truck and took it to the dump.

junk be gone

Yay, shed is clean!





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