My (Almost) Vegetarian Life – Saving Money & Exercising!

Hello everyone. Well, the weather is finally starting to warm up here in Halfmoon Bay. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for the rest of Canada where it seems to have regressed back into winter and it actually starting snowing again over the weekend! Uuggh. Thank goodness we live on the west coast where it’s warmer.

I finally got round to the yoga and walking I’ve been talking about doing. I started yoga last week and loved it from the very beginning. My muscles loved being stretched and all my aches and pains just melted away. I got a free beginners class from YouTube. I also went for a short walk this morning to the beach across the road and back. I couldn’t go very far because I brought my dogs with me (they need the exercise too!) and my little dog is almost 14 and can’t walk too far. Buuut, I got in about 1,600 steps, so it’s a start and I’ll do more this afternoon. Hubby has been averaging 10,000 steps last week and lost 4 lbs!! So I’m motivated to do more.

It was beautiful down by the water this morning.

The Canadian Geese are nesting on a small island near here and so they got a little nervous when I showed up honking and following me to make sure I didn’t get too close.

I’m continuing my eat-out-of-my-pantry plan again this week as I still seem to have so much food on hand. This weekend we ate mainly leftovers which saved us a bit of money and last night I made a Beef Ragu from the left over roast beef we had last week. There’s plenty left over still and I’m going to slice it today for hubby’s sandwiches.

I ordered yet another Thug Kitchen book (Party Grub) last week and it arrived on Friday. It doesn’t look like there’s very much in this one that we won’t eat. We still struggle quite a bit with snack food and usually end up at the corner store buying chips and dip, ice cream and chocolate. This book has some lovely dips in it that can be whipped up in a few minutes and served with toasted baguette rounds and vegetable sticks such as carrots and celery. I also spied some chocolate almond haystacks that don’t require much work. After all, the whole idea behind snack food is that you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen making it.

After making up my menu plan this week, this is my grocery list – ha ha! I don’t even think it’s going to come to $50!

Hmmm, I can probably get that extra bottle of white wine after all 😀

Here’s this week’s menu :

Snack Food – Carrot & Celery sticks, toasted baguette rounds with Farmhouse Dip and Artichoke Dip
Chocolate-Almond Hay Stacks

Monday –  Beef Ragu (from leftover roast beef), peas & carrots, mashed potato

Tuesday – Vege balls, marinara sauce, spagetti, garlic bread, green salad

Breakfast – Melon & Mint Fruit Salad (Thug Kitchen Party Grub)
Supper – Chicken Fajitas (Skinny Taste)

Thursday – Omelettes, fries

Friday – Asparagus Linguine (Jamie Oliver’s Jamie Cooks Italy)

Breakfast – Cinnamon Apricot French Toast (Thug Kitchen Party Grub)
Supper – Date Night

Sunday –
Breakfast – Cinnamon Apricot French Toast (Thug Kitchen Party Grub)
Supper – Potato Leek Cakes (Thug Kitchen Party Grub) and leftovers



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