May In Our Garden – “Free” Tomatoes & Wildlife Visits

Hello all. I hope you’re all having a wonderful Spring so far. I’ve been working on an exciting new venture – an online store! Launch date should be May 31st so watch this space for the link to that. In the meantime, please visit our FaceBook page and like and share.

We’ve had iffy weather – sunshine and heat, then rain and cold, now beautiful sunshine but not very warm. We’ve been to the beach a few times, but it’s not really beach weather yet.  This is Davis Bay

and sunset in Halfmoon Bay just across the road from where we live

The garden is blooming – all the bulbs



Pretty poppies

and more

The Lavender has come back much stronger this year after it’s drastic hair cut last Spring

and since we’re not having a vegetable garden this year, I moved the herbs from our temporary makeshift vegetable garden, into the new bed we made in November last year. I also planted some Basil there yesterday, but didn’t take an updated photo.

The garlic is also twice the size it was since my last post and should be ready to harvest soon.

You may remember the tomato slices I planted last month. To refresh your memory, click here.  Well, wonder upon wonders, they grew! Lots and lots of them!

Last weekend, I transplanted some of them into the front bed

They’re looking a little sad in that photo as I’d just transplanted them and watered them, but they soon perked up and are looking very happy today.

I finally got round to giving my porch some plant love. I bought these pots 2 months ago!

Potted plants and rabbits

and filled them with lovely flowers a couple of weeks ago – bleeding hearts, violets and violas


The wildlife are showing up every day and making themselves at home

and we had a bear “steal” our little deep freeze a couple of nights ago and completely destroyed it looking for food. We had it in a shed in our back yard. Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for the bear, there wasn’t much food in it and it was locked, so he (or she) didn’t manage to get it all the way open.

We also had a woodpecker mistake our shed and patio beam for a tree. Very odd since we are surrounded by real trees

But he finally got it right and made himself at home in a neighbour’s tree.

Until next time …


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