June In Our Garden – Operation Clean Up Re-commences!

Hello lovely Readers! Everything has really grown since my last post a month ago (has it been that long already?). All the spring flowers have faded and died, but our little bed in the front is thriving.  We’ve had lots of lovely sunshine, and the tomatoes have grown the most.

grow your own tomatoes

The Lavender is looking absolutely gorgeous.

I found these two little flowers in bloom in the pot where my rose bush resides


and our strawberries have produced more this year than any other time during the last 4 years!

grow your own strawberries

We’ve been trying to get round to cleaning up our front yard and back patio, but in between trying to get my online home decor business off the ground and spending a couple of weekends in Vancouver catching up with our friends, it’s been hard to find the time.

Aren’t these cabins cute? We stayed here during one of our Vancouver visits

But I digress. So, this weekend we decided to get down to it. Even though we still have Garlic growing in our now defunct vegetable patch, we couldn’t look at this eyesore any longer.

vegetable patch

vegetable patch

So, down she came

vege patch dismantle

All the blocks that were lying around were removed and we mowed the long grass

vege patch cleaned up

Once the garlic has been harvested (shouldn’t be much longer now), we’ll dispose of the rest of those blocks and the wooden boards and spread the soil out for new grass to grow.

We put our red bench back so we can sit here and watch our plants grow. Hahaha! There’s a fire ban on at the moment, but as soon as it’s lifted, we’ll have a big bonfire for all the wood that you can see behind the concrete blocks.

red bench

We used some of the fencing to hold up the Gladioli in the garden bed in the background.

The area around the shed door was also overgrown with all sorts of weeds and vines

so we cleaned it up a little and then placed two of the concrete breeze blocks between hubby’s shop and the shed, and planted some Chamomile and Strawberry Mint.

breeze block planters

and then added some, er, interest, to the shed steps. Don’tcha just love our gorilla? He’s actually a shoe cleaner thingy to get mud off your shoes.

After that it got too hot to work, so we retreated to the shade for some adult refreshment.


The next day was the patio’s turn. The deck was in a bit of a sorry state.

I did a quick clean of the side of the house and the deck. I just used the hose as our pressure washer still needs fixing and there’s water restrictions here at the moment, so I didn’t want to waste too much of it

And then I moved the Sage from the hot sun in the front (apparently, it prefers the shade) to the patio with the other shade-loving plants, and planted some more strawberry mint in the window boxes.

Potted plants, Sage

Hubby made some little candle holders out of some glass containers that our yogurt came in. As you can see, we like that yogurt quite a lot 🙂 as we had over 10 of them! We hung them on this side and the side where the patio table is

candle holders

We had to move the humming bird feeder to the shed as it was too close to the humans and we had a bear pull it down last week in search of food!

humming bird feeder

We hung a couple of lanterns in the middle


Lastly, we moved the butterfly chimes.

butterfly chimes

When the deck was dry, we put the rug back and the cushions and sat back to admire our handywork.

patio appeal

Looks quite restful, don’t you think? Maggie certainly thought so!

Maggie cat

Later on we lit the candles and the lanterns – really magical.

patio candles


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