My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Hello fellow almost vegetarian lovers! I hope the weather has warmed up where ever you are.  I never thought I’d say this, but we are in desperate need of rain! My vegetables and herbs are parched.

We’ve been eating more and more Mediterranean-style foods lately, and this weekend we substituted our traditional full English breakfast for rustic bread, soft cheeses, Italian salami and fresh fruit.  I’m not sure what took us so long to make the switch, but we’re really enjoying it! Check out this post on the Mediterranean Dish for a more in-depth description of a typical Mediterranean breakfast.

I’ve been losing about half a pound a day – and then putting some of it on again due to my love of Gelato! But all in all, I’ve lost approximately 3 lbs last week which is good enough for me. I’ve been drinking lots of water with fresh lime slices in it (very refreshing) and having a salad every day for lunch.

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Here’s this week’s Mediterranean-inspired Menu:

Monday – Lamb Pies (from last week’s leftover Lamb Stew), peas, mashed potato

TuesdayGreek Shrimp with Tomato & Feta, Lebanese Rice, Greek Salad

Wednesday – Easy Carbonara with Roasted Tomato & Proscuitto

Thursday –  Mediterranean Bean & Broccoli Pasta,

FridaySimple Meditarranean Olive Oil Pasta, Balela

SaturdaySteamed Salmon with Lemon & Fresh Herbs, Mustard Potato Salad

SundayLebanese Chicken Fatteh Dinner Bowls, Mediterranean Salad

Looks delish!!



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