Inside/Out: Making Your House Like Brand New

Do you look at your home and feel uninspired? While sometimes, the answer is obvious that some organization is needed, and a little bit of moving things around can reinvigorate a space sometimes when you want to make your house look completely different to what it is, this can be a mammoth task. When you continually buy new things, sometimes it doesn’t match the space, but just provides window dressing, and disguises the fact for a short period of time. Before you know it, everything you’ve bought isn’t just a waste of money, but it has done little to reinvigorate the space. Let’s provide you with some solid methods to, not just reinvigorate the space, but also make it look brand new.

Tackling Those Odd Jobs

The perfect place to begin is to undertake a thorough examination of your home and see if there are jobs that need doing. It’s not just in relation to that mark on the wall, but it’s also about taking the opportunity to see if there are any potential problems. A very good example is your plumbing. It’s worth examining the walls, especially if there is a pipe behind it, because if you find a leak, or a small watermark, this may soon turn into something bigger. It’s easy enough to consult a specialist like Mr Rooter Plumbing to fix any problems like this. A lot of the time, these little odd jobs can prove to be frustrating. But if you want your house to feel different, it could very well be these little components that make all the difference.

Looking After The Upholstery

One of the things in any property that starts to look old quickly is the furniture. By keeping on top of the upholstery, by vacuuming the fabric, rotating the cushions, and tackling small tears as soon as possible, you will be able to make that couch gleaming. The fact of the matter is that with a space like the living room, the couch is one of the things that sticks out in the space. It’s one of the focal points of the house, and a big stain doesn’t make it look appealing. Even if a stain has been on the couch for a long time, there are ways to remove it. There are stain removers on the market, as well as hydrogen peroxide. The key is persistence for stubborn stains.

Get Some Polish

If you’ve got wood furniture, applying some polish to it on a semi-regular basis can make all the difference. If your wooden furniture looks tired, or that upcycling aesthetic doesn’t appeal anymore, polishing wooden pieces will make it gleam. But be careful, there are different ways to polish different types of furniture. For example, if you have finished wood pieces, you will be better off using wax or furniture paste. Make sure that you consult the directions before trying anything out.

Getting Rid Of Scuff Marks

There is nothing that makes a property look more tired than scuff marks on the walls, chips on corners, and anything that makes the property look like it’s been battered. It doesn’t take long to touch up various aspects of the home with a little bit of paint. As well, get a good quality scrubber and you will see the difference. Adding that extra bit of shine to the property will make it look like new. 

A New Paint Job

Naturally, if you really want to give the property a makeover, but you don’t have much money, this is the one thing that can make all the difference. A lot of people look at a lick of paint as a new lease of life. When it comes to making a home look like new, it’s worth following the trend of white on white. It may not appeal, but when you are trying to cover up a multitude of aesthetic sins, painting everything white will provide a blank canvas. Painting the walls, the trim, and the ceiling all one color can also make the space look bigger than it is.

Get Rid Of Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a simple thing to get rid of. If your home has wallpaper, it ages a property terribly. And let’s not forget the fact that wallpaper peels pretty quickly, and can look very grimy. If you have an old house, it is time to get rid of this wallpaper. Also, if you get rid of the wallpaper you may very likely find some mold underneath. You can very easily hire a wallpaper remover or steamer from your local hardware store. And if you think that you can strip wallpaper without one, you may be in for a big surprise as to how long it will take.

Cleaning The Exterior

It’s not just about the exterior of the property as far as the paint job is concerned; if you want to make the property look like new, when was the last time the exterior walls were cleaned? A property can look so much better if you hire a pressure washer, and get rid of all the mold and mildew that has built up over the years. You could paint it a different color, but as the house may be harboring a lot of grime that’s got stuck in-between part of the wall over the years, using a pressure washer will replenish the exterior wall and make it look like new. From there, you can decide if you want to paint the wall. You may not even need to!

Fixing Up Your Curb Appeal

Fixing curb appeal can do so much whether you are selling a property or not. Curb appeal can be done through so many different components. So what you need to do to ensure that you are reinvigorating the exterior of the property boils down to a handful of simple components. But you need to look at the property and compare it to the rest of the street. A lot of people prefer to make the property look better than their neighbors’, but this is one of the cardinal sins. If you are doing your best to make the property fit in with the rest of the streets, this will help make the property look better. Making it look like new can be about adding a few items of plants. You can also get rid of the lawn and replace it with astroturf. Also, think about the pathway from the sidewalk to the house. Go for these components, and you will make a big difference.

Install New Lighting

If you want to make the space look like new, brighten it up! New lighting doesn’t have to be expensive. You can install a dimmer switch for very cheap, or go for brighter bulbs. But when you live in a property where certain rooms don’t get the benefit of sunlight, you’ve got to think about getting more natural light into the room. You can do this by adding shiny and reflective surfaces. Think about things like silver or brass, but also consider adding more mirrors. The mirrors will reflect the light back into the property.

Deep Clean The Carpets

The carpets, like the furniture, can quickly get worn, and make the entire property look old. Deep cleaning carpets and rugs will give it a new lease of life. You can regularly vacuum and do spot cleaning but this will only achieve so much. The best way to make your carpets sparkle is to invest in a steam cleaner. You will also find that by steam cleaning the carpets, it lifts up old, well-trodden in bits of lint and dirt, and by using the vacuum afterward, you will see how much dirt it picks up.

Highlight The Doors

If you live in an old home, it’s likely that the doors have retained some sort of elegant charm, even though they look worn out. You can easily highlight your doors by painting them a different color. The external doors can benefit from a bolder color which makes them stand out but inside the property, you can add glossy paint. Adding a neutral shade to your internal doors can also help to make the property pop.

Fix The Backsplash In Your Kitchen

The kitchen is, for many of us, the hub of the home. And replacing the backsplash will completely update the aesthetic. Living in an older home means that you have an older, out of date backsplash. Also, because the kitchen gets used and obliterated so often, the backsplash can chip, and the color can fade. Replace it with new paneling or tiles. Or if you don’t have the money, painting over these tiles can add that new vibrancy.

Making your own look like brand new is the best way to reinvigorate your love affair with the space. We can’t change our home every time we get fed up with it, but we can fix it from the inside out. Making your home look like new doesn’t mean you have to use all of these approaches, but merely a handful can help to change the space completely.

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