My (Almost) Vegetarian Life – Immune-Boosting Soup & More Freezer Meals

Hello everyone! I’ve lost 3 lbs since Monday! Woo hoo! I stepped up my water intake and reduced my alcohol intake, and I’ve been keeping up with my exercises, be it 30 minutes walking with my dogs, or my lovely dance routine. I also run my  business  from my basement, and spend quite a bit of my day walking up and down the stairs.

Whilst I enjoyed my 7-day reset, I don’t want to switch to complete veganism! But I do love meatless meals a lot. I have learned over the weeks that I need to freeze not only trucker-driver hubby’s meals, but my own as well. Cooking for one most of the time is near impossible for me and I really don’t want to be eating the same meal for a week! So I poked around the internet looking for delicious vegetarian meals and meals with meat that I can freeze, and came up with these. All these meals can be frozen, so it looks like I won’t have to cook next week! 🙂

Monday : Vegetarian Shepherd’s Pie – This has become a favourite in our household!

Tuesday : Immune-Boosting Chicken & Vegetable Soup – With all the cold and flu germs floating around at this time of the year, I thought it would be a good idea to stock up on this lovely, warming soup.

Wednesday : Vegan Corn Zucchini Fritters – My three favourite things – corn, zucchini and fritters.

Thursday : Vegetarian Chili

Friday : Sheet Pan Rosemary Chicken & Vegetables – I’m trying to incorporate more vegetables into hubby’s truck meals, and this looks like it will do the trick.

Saturday : Braised Brisket with Potatoes – I LOVE brisket, and it’s very economical too. This recipe is for the stove top and simmers for 3 hours, but I put this in my slow cooker – that way I don’t have to watch it!

Sunday : Date Night!

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