My (Almost) Vegetarian Life – Going Keto

My (Almost) Vegetarian Life

Hi All. So glad you’re here. These past few months I’ve been struggling with cravings … chips, popcorn, chocolate – lots of chocolate! I had no control at all and it was starting to become a problem. I would munch may way somewhat happily, through a bowl of chips and a chocolate bar almost every afternoon! Not only was it becoming expensive, but my waistline was growing, my mood was low, I had very little energy, brain fog … uugghhh! I had to do something.

And then I read a thread on FaceBook where a friend had switched to the controversial Keto diet and all those cravings disappeared. At the same time, I watched a documentary on Netflix called “The Magic Pill” and it changed my mind about the Keto way of eating.

I already know that too much sugar is not good for us – and it’s hard to avoid it because it’s in almost everything we eat – but I’m already in the habit of cooking most things from scratch, so it shouldn’t be too hard to cook with whole food ingredients.

Of course, I didn’t want to immediately throw out every single food item that had carbohydrates and sugar in them, because the penny-pincher can’t bring myself to do it! But I do have a lot of whole food in my pantry as well and so I decided to eat as few carbohydrates and as little sugar as possible for the next two weeks and see what happens.


It was my regular grocery day last Friday, and, since snacking seemed to be the main culprit, I planned for low sugar, high protein snacks like mixed nuts, vegetable platter, hard boiled eggs and olives. My breakfasts comprised mainly of poached eggs with tomatoes and broccoli, and omelettes like pepper, tomato and ham. Lunches are salads like Simple Mediterranean Avocado Salad and a green salad with tuna and/or boiled eggs added to it.

To my surprise and delight, the sugar cravings stopped on the first day!! It was a relief, to say the least. That morning (Monday) I had two poached eggs with fried grape tomatoes and boiled broccoli with butter, and I didn’t even think about food until noon when I had the Simple Mediterranean Avocado Salad. At around 3pm, I felt a little hungry, but not for sugar 🙌🏻. I had a vegetable platter – carrots (not Keto, but better than a bar of milk chocolate), broccoli and cauliflower with a Keto approved ranch dressing from this recipe as a dip. For supper that night I had leftover chicken from Saturday night’s dinner with the kids, and broccoli and cauliflower with butter mixed in (love butter). No after-dinner sugar cravings!! 👌🏻 At around 8 I had a handful of mixed nuts and a cup of tea with whole milk and a teaspoon of stevia.

Unfortunately, hubby’s meals managed to avoid anything Keto as I had already planned his menu out and bought the ingredients. He got some very nice Ground Beef Meat Pies from Jamie Oliver’s Ground Beef Wellington recipe from his book Jamie’s Food Revolution, and, from the same book, Meatloaf. To these meals, I added frozen peas, creamed corn and gravy.

Here’s my dinner menu for the next two weeks:

Monday March 2 : Leftover chicken breast from Jamie Oliver’s Mustard Chicken from his book 30-minute Meals, broccoli and cauliflower mixed with butter.

Tuesday March 3 : Same as above

Wednesday March 4 : Crock Pot Picadillo, (this recipe can also be made in the Instant Pot), Cauliflower Rice

Thursday March 5 : Leftover Crock Pot Picadillo

Friday March 6 : Spicy Shrimp Fried “Rice” – (substituting brown rice for cauliflower rice)

Saturday March 7 : Leftover Spicy Shrimp Fried Rice

Sunday March 8 : Mediterranean Vegetarian Moussaka

Monday March 9 : Leftover Mediterranean Vegetarian Moussaka

Tuesday March 10 : Crock Pot Picadillo, Cauliflower Rice

Wednesday March 11 : Leftover Picadillo, Cauliflower Rice

Thursday March 12 : Low Carb Cauliflower Cheese (It’s just as well I luuuurve cauliflower)

Friday March 13 : Leftover Low Carb Cauliflower Cheese

See you soon!



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