Winter, Spring, Covid-19 and a New Start

It’s been a long time since I last posted. Nothing much happens in winter in Edmonton, so there didn’t seem much to write about. We had Neil on New Year’s Eve so that his parents could go to a new year’s eve party. It felt so funny not going anywhere like we usually do, but we’re still so new to Edmonton and don’t really know anyone. This year, we’re definitely going out or hosting a party at our house. Neil was very good – I love hanging out with him. He insisted on making himself comfortable on the back of the couch and fell asleep there. 😀

When I was 12 days old, I was adopted. Even though I had a lovely family and a wonderful childhood, I always wondered where I had come from. Well, just after New Year, I saw this message on one of the adoption sites I belonged to on FaceBook, and my heart stopped for a moment.

That’s my birthday. So I replied to the poster who is someone who tries to reunite birth parents and adoptees. Long story short, she put in touch with my half-sister, and we chatted on messenger for a bit. She, in turn, put me in touch with my birth mother. We got DNA tests done and they were a match! Turns out I have 5 brothers and sisters! All around my age, all in various parts of the world. My birth mother and two sisters live in the UK, one brother in South Africa and one in China. I’ve become quite good friends with my two sisters in the UK, and we chat on facebook all the time. It’s really lovely to have sisters! I’m looking forward to getting to know my new family and to being able to spend time with them.

I knew that January and February would be slow months for Home Quest Decor, so I spent that time learning more about social media advertising and getting into a routine of posting on FaceBook and Instragram, organizing my business life and planning how I’m going to spend my days in order to grow my business. I did get a few orders during that time, but nothing significant.

I also spent that time decluttering, making Tori’s road meals and generally catching up on things I’ve been putting off.

By mid-January, we were in a deep freeze with temperatures plummeting to between -24 deg. C and -42 deg. C. Yes, you heard that right – minus 42. When we lived in BC, the temperature didn’t get much below -10, so this was something I wasn’t used to, and didn’t like very much. Money also became tight as my unemployment insurance ran out and business slowed. But, we made it through, and I bought myself a bottle of wine to celebrate. I really appreciated that glass of wine at 5 o’ clock.

We had Neil over a few times and spent it making stuff with play dough

and building a fort out of sheets and my yoga mat 😀

Just when business started to pick up in March, the Covid-19 virus hit and shut everything down. Fortunately, the government stepped in a lent a financial hand. My supplier’s warehouse reopened again in April, and I was able to order some new items, mainly garden ornaments and planters. I listed them on Marketplace and was almost sold out in the first 2 weekends! In the meantime, David worked on building me a website and offered to handle my social media advertising. Yes please! He’s much better at it than I am. The website is nearly done and should be up and running in the next couple of weeks!

At the end of March, we had to move house as the one we lived in was in bad shape and the landlord was terrible. We found a lovely townhouse in a pretty neighbourhood called Terwillegar, pronounced Ter-will-a-ga. Come on, say it with me – Ter-will-a-ga.

Moving from a 675 sq. foot cottage in Halfmoon Bay, to a place twice the size, had us running to the furniture store to get additional furniture. Mainly a couch, recliner and bar fridge for the ‘man cave’ and a couch and small freezer for upstairs. The downstairs TV also started showing signs of giving up the ghost, so we replaced it with a newer and much larger model :D. Pictures to follow in the next post.

There were a few things that were repurposed. Tori’s mom’s hope chest is going to get a new lease on life and become the upstairs TV stand. I started on it yesterday and hope to have it finished by Tuesday.

We turned the kitchen island from our Halfmoon Bay house, into a hall table. I’ll be painting it next week so that it looks the part.

The trunk that used to be a TV stand, is now going to become the upstairs living room coffee table. Again, it’s going to get a makeover to get rid of the ugly blue and orange flowers!

In the middle of all this, Tori started showing symptoms of COVID-19 and had to come home. In order to minimize the spread, we made him a bed downstairs where he (and Chewy) spend the next two weeks. He was quite ill, especially with a horrible cough, but he recovered after 2 weeks and was back at work in no time.

Quarantine turned us into day drinkers and, at one point, we though we might be alcoholics!

Fortunately, the novelty wore off and we went back to a drink or two on our balcony in the evenings.

Unfortunately, we had to cancel our family Easter dinner, but we had a little celebration on our own

But they came over for Tori’s birthday

and Na-mee sent me photos of Neil’s silliness

Clare gave me a gift card for Mother’s Day and I bought some plants with it –
herbs to put on our sunny kitchen windowsill

some pretty flowers for our front landing

Lavender for our balcony

Some grass for the small birdbath and other ornaments


and, of course, no space is complete without a barbecue and petunias

There are quite a few parks in our neighbourhood – something for everyone, from a playground, to a space to run around, to a couple with little lakes and birdlife. Chewy and I checked one of them out, but first I had to coax her off the couch!

This guy was quite tame

Lots of little birds everywhere

and ducks

and a beaver

I captured this beautiful sunset and crescent moon from my office window

At the beginning of May we were given the wonderful news that a new grandchild is on the way! A sister for Neil and a granddaughter for us. She’s due in September! September is becoming quite a busy month as we now have three birthdays then – Neil’s, mine and new baby’s.

Some sad news. Before we moved we had to put our beloved Tiki down. She was 12 years old and had had a good innings. The vet discovered a tumour in her stomach and signs of liver failure, and she was in a lot of pain. She was such a vibrant and integral part of our family, it was heartbreaking to let her go.

Until next time …

But First, Tequila


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