When is it Worth Getting Professional Help for Your Garden?

We all like to have a garden that looks neat and tidy, and if you have somewhat of a green thumb then you probably do most of the yard work yourself. When it comes to cleaning up the garden, there is undoubtedly plenty that you can do yourself. However, there are also some maintenance, problem-solving, and installation tasks that you might want to get a pro in for.

You’re having trouble growing anything

You might be a dab hand in the garden when it comes to tidying it up and taking care of the plants that are already in there. However, there is no shortage of potential problems that can get in the way of the healthy green lawn and plants that you’re trying to grow. If you’re having trouble growing the garden, whether it’s patchy, discoloured, or otherwise, then it’s worth getting in touch with professional gardeners who can address issues like moisture, pH levels, moss, and other issues.

Installing those water features

There are some features that you might have no problem installing yourself. Then there are those that, if installed wrong, can cause all kinds of hazards. For water features in gardens such as ponds, fountains, and birdbaths, ensuring a reliable and clean supply of water is crucial to avoid them becoming nests for pests and parasites. Furthermore, if you’re not able to seal them off effectively, water can leak into the garden and vice-versa. When elements of the soil can get into a fish pond freely, it’s often bad news for the fish or any other critters that stop to take a drink.

Performing tree surgery

It often doesn’t take a lot of expertise to take good care of a plant. However, when there is a tree involved, ensuring their healthy growth and life can be difficult. For instance, you might be well aware of your need to trim it back, but if you’re not careful in how you prune your tree, you can actually do damage that goes well beyond the branches. Trees can go into shock, not only stunting their growth but also potentially causing their death if they’re not pruned right, so a qualified surgeon might be the answer.

Irrigating your garden

Some gardens have a lot more moisture in their soil than others. It might be due to the soil texture, retaining more water than it should, due to pipe leaks underground, or other issues. Whatever the cause, irrigation is usually the answer. You can install your own underground irrigation system to drain moisture from the soil, but it can easily go wrong. To make sure you don’t install a leaky system and to see water redirected to a safe place, it’s worth getting in touch with the specialists.

There’s a lot you can do to maintain and enhance your garden under your own initiative. However, when you’re taking on a task that requires expert knowledge, it’s often better to get the experts in rather than to try become one immediately.


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