Live a Life You LOVE!!

If you could live a life you LOVE, what would that look like? If you were driving the bus, if you were the creator of your reality and you literally got to have it all, what does that look like for you?

The truth is, the reality that you have now, the life that you have now is because you have chosen it. For some, this is hard to swallow. I know it was devastating for me to hear (read about the best (and worst) day of my life here). The story of our life up until this point was created by someone else’s beliefs – our parents, our teachers, our peers. Whatever beliefs you adopted as a child, whatever patterns you’ve repeated, whatever action steps you’ve taken and habits you’ve formed in your life, shaped what your life looks like now. The great news is, we get to create a new narrative. If we’ve already chosen the narrative up until now, we get to choose a new narrative moving forward.

You get to take your life off automatic pilot, stop living someone else’s version of your life, and live life on purpose, doing the things you want to do, having the career you want to have, spending it with people you want to spend it with. Changing the habits of a lifetime isn’t always easy, and your brain will fight a little bit, because it wants to keep you safe, it wants to keep you on that familiar path. But if we take a different path, if we stretch ourselves and allow ourselves to go a different way, we’re going to learn different things. We just need to get very clear on what those things are.

If you want to go deeper into how to create a life you love, click on the button below to learn how. It changed my life and continues to do so.

Live a life you LOVE!


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