Magic Money

It’s Money Monday! How are you all?

I recently started a grateful journal. Every day I write 10 things that I’m grateful for and it’s changed the way I feel about everything, but it’s especially changed the way I feel about money.

Up until recently, I’ve always had a terrible relationship with money. I was a single mom with no child support and there never seemed to be enough. Feeling worried, envious, jealous, disappointed, discouraged, doubtful, or fearful about money can never bring more money to you, because those feelings come from a lack of gratitude for the money you have. If money was your lover and you treated it this way, would you expect it to stay? Of course not! Complaining about money, arguing about money, being critical of the cost of something, or making someone else feel bad about money are not acts of gratitude, and the money in your life can never improve; instead it will worsen. This used to be me. I was constantly saying things like; I can’t afford it, I’m not Rockafeller, I’m the other fella, things are so expensive, I can’t make ends meet, and so on. The Universe always gives you exactly what you ask for. I said I couldn’t afford it, the universe said, “You’re right.” I said I was the opposite of Rockafeller, the Universe responded, “Exactly right.”

No matter what your current situation, the very thought that you don’t have enough money is being ungrateful for the money you have. I used to hate paying my bills, because, to me, my hard-earned money was all going to bills and there never seemed to be anything left over for fun things. But when I changed my perspective about paying my bills, when I started to be grateful when I paid them, everything changed. Instead of being resentful, I would say, “I am grateful that I’m able to pay this electricity bill because it’s given me light in my home, and I’ve been able to cook meals for myself and my family.” Or, “I’m grateful to be paying my car payment because I have a lovely car that I love to drive, and it gets me to where I want to go every single day.” Now, instead of feeling crappy about paying my bills, I suddenly felt good about paying them.

Suddenly, money started showing up when I least expected it!

Feeling grateful for money when you have very little is challenging for anyone, but when you understand that nothing will change until you’re grateful, you will be be inspired to do it.

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Until next time … live a life you love!


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