My (Almost) Vegetarian Life – Getting Serious with Weightloss

Hello everybody. Sorry it’s been so long. We’ve been dealing with a few health issues with hubby which, I’m happy to say, seems to be slowly improving.

One of the reasons why we started changing our way of eating and including more vegetarian dishes into our diet, was because, six years ago, hubby went into afib, or, to give it it’s full name, Atrial Fibrillation. Apparently, it’s quite common and the doctor gave him some medication to lower his blood pressure and advised that he lose some weight and eat a more healthy diet.

So, that’s what we did. We started incorporating more salads and vegetables into our diet and, eventually, more vegetarian meals also. We also quit smoking. I’m not exactly sure how much weight hubby put on as a result of quitting smoking, but I put on 40 lbs and haven’t been able to lose it no matter what I did. Click here to read more about our journey back to healthy eating.

Then, in May this year, hubby had another Afib episode, but this time they couldn’t get his heart to go back to it’s natural rhythm. For three months they tried with no luck and the cardiologist told us that his heart had now gone from being in Afib to heart failure. He gave him a concoction of drugs and told him to lose some weight to help give his heart a better chance.

Well, easier said than done. We thought that our healthy diet was as healthy as it’s going to get and that we were stumped as to what to do next. And then I was watching a show on organization where they were helping a family get their kitchen under control (I love organizing). The husband was an ex-football player and had recently lost 150 lbs! Wow! 150 lbs. I noticed that the organizers had given him is own cupboard to house all his dietary supplements and such so that they didn’t get mixed up with the family’s food and get lost. And I thought to myself: maybe that’s what we need to do. Maybe we need to spend the money, take the special supplements and completely commit ourselves to doing better. You see, whilst we had been eating all the healthy food we could, there was still one area that we were falling short, and that was snacks. The cravings would hit us in the afternoons and in the evenings after supper and that’s when the fun began. Popcorn, chips, ice cream, chocolate. We figured that if we just had a little bit, it was okay. Clearly not.

still life with potato chips, popcorn and dill dip sauce

And so, we visited a health store and got some advice from the nutritionist there, bought the supplements he recommended and went home and researched how to stop the junk food cravings. The short answer is protein. And Peanut Butter Energy Bites 🙂

Hubby and I lost just over 3 pounds each last week and I didn’t have to forfeit my evening glass of wine (horrors!). I’m not saying that you will lose the same amount of weight as I did, but you’ll be much healthier in any event.

Here’s what our menu looked like:

Breakfast : Morning Power Protein Shake (I used the Basic Protein Shake Recipe from this website)
AM Snack : Cottage Cheese and Berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries – you get the idea)
Lunch : Tomato Avocado Cucumber Chickpea Salad with Feta & Greek Lemon Dressing
PM Snack : Coffee Protein Shake (I eliminated the banana)
Supper : Chicken Salad (from my wellworn cookbook Loonie Spoons Collection)

Breakfast : Quick Morning Scramble. Eggs scrambled with a teaspoon of cheese of your choice, a cup of greens (spinach or kale), a small tomato and 3 chopped mushrooms.
AM Snack : Apple dipped in Almond Butter.
Lunch : Spinach and Chicken Salad
PM Snack: Healthy Bruscetta Toast
Supper : Mushroom Strogonoff (VERY good)

Breakfast : Cinnamon Roll Pancakes
AM Snack : Banana and nut butter toast (basically, a piece of toast spread with Almond Butter and topped with slices of banana.)
Lunch : Sweet Potato and Turkey Sandwich
PM Snack : Peanut Butter Energy Bites (These are SO good. I have one after supper, too)
Supper : Easy Vegan Baked Taquitoes, Brown Rice.

Breakfast : Vege Egg White Omelette
AM Snack : Hummus & Veges
Lunch : Green Salad with cooked chicken pieces added
PM Snack : Peanut Butter Energy Bites
Supper : Out. It was my birthday!

Breakfast : Avocado Toast with Poached Egg
AM Snack : Protein Shake
Lunch : Salmon & Mushroom Skewers (SO good)
PM Snack : Spicey Avocado Toast (mash avocado and add some chili flakes to it)
Supper : Asian Chicken Thighs, Warm Mini-Potato Salad, Bok Choy – all three recipes from Loonie Spoons Collection

Breakfast : Cinnamon Roll Pancakes
AM Snack : Apple dipped in Almond Butter
Lunch : Spicy Avocado Toast
PM Snack : Steak & Stilton Pie, Carrots and Peas

Breakfast : Protein Shake
AM Snack : Cottage Cheese & Berries
Lunch: Turkey & Tater Sandwich
PM Snack : Bruschetta Toast
Supper : Chicken Bastardo, Carrot Caponata, Roast Zucchini, Amalfi Lemon Tart (All recipes from Jamie Oliver’s Book Jamie’s Italy)

I’m happy to say that the last test hubby had for his heart showed that he was actually not in heart failure and that they just have to work on getting him out of Afib :).

Talk to you next week!


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