Release the Chains That Bind You

Releasing the chains that bind you is a gift you give yourself. Limiting beliefs that were bestowed upon you by people from your childhood. They are NOT your beliefs. The shackles are falling to the ground. You feel the weight lifted.

Forgiveness is the gift you give yourself. To be free completely comes with some fear because the chains that bind you have become your story. It was familiar.

To release this means there will be a void until the freedom sinks in. Resting in that silence is where the joy is. It is unfamiliar. Rest in the silence. Allow the new sensations to arise. Silence. Nothingness. Peace. Love. Trust.

The new story will come. You can design a life of joy. You get to have what you want. You feel this. It resonates. The expansion of the heart is a wonder.

Words do not describe the expansion of the energy that is available. LOVE. TRUST. ALLOW. The words continue to come up again and again. Deep confidence in your abilities is here NOW!

YOU GOT THIS! You see these words reflected in your reality. YOU GOT THIS! Love. Trust. Allow. You like the simplicity of the message.

Allow the expansion of the heart and the new energies. This will bring you into the reality you desire. You get what your focus on. Let the LOVE flow. Let the deep confidence flow. Feel it in your belly. It is a good feeling.


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