Decluttering and Organizing – Pantry & Bathroom. And some Mantle Love

Hello there. It’s clean-up week around here. Even though I clean my house every day, I couldn’t believe how the dust and grime had accumulated, especially in the dining-room and kitchen!

Everybody in my house hides when I start to organize/declutter because they think I’m either going to rope them in to helping, or declutter them!

I thought that things were pretty well organized, but when I bought my third bag of flour, I realized it was time to re-organize. The only rooms that really needed it were the pantry and the bathroom.

When I declutter, I usually take everything out to see what I’ve got, but I didn’t need to with the pantry as there were only a couple of areas that were in real need of organizing; the baking items (clearly, as I now have 3 large bags of flour!), and the top shelf which has become a catch-all for stuff that didn’t have a home.

There were a lot of things in their original packaging that could go into the cannisters I had set up for the pantry three years ago (has it been that long already?), to read about that, click here, so I spent some time topping up the cannisters, thus freeing up space in the basket I had allocated for baking items. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take a ‘before’ photo  🙄 , but know that the white basket in the picture below, was overflowing with icing sugar, cornmeal, cornstarch and the like. And yes, probably a bag in flour in there somewhere!

Above these shelves are my recipe books, stuff I put in smoothies and salads, and on the top shelf, the things I don’t use very much but still need to be able to see and get to when needed.

Once that was done, I tried to put everything else into categories – vinegars and oils in one container, sauces and syrups in another, and spreads in another. So far, so good.

Below that, the canned goods, a container of miscellaneous items, and boxed stuff like salt and crackers. Underneath that, the bags of dry goods that didn’t fit into the cannisters in a container, tin foil, parchment paper and freezer bags in another, and extra onions and avocadoes that need ripening in a third. Oh look! Another bag of flour! 😳

And then it was done!

My next victim was the bathroom. This time I did take a ‘before’ photo

Pretty crazy, right?

This time, I had to take everything out

I washed the containers, threw a bunch of stuff out, and then put it all back again

And then back into it’s holder it went

By using a bigger container, I merged all the bottles and cans into one container and used a third container for cleaning supplies and toilet paper.

I LOVE it!

And then something just for fun – a mantle makeover.

Talk to you soon!


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