Letting Go of the Past and Set Yourself Free

Everything we’ve experienced in our life so far, has given us the strength to separate from what no longer serves us. The past can hold treasured memories, but thinking about it isn’t helpful when it’s not positive, especially when it keeps us chained to the past.

Because repetitive thinking about upsetting past events can intensify our present emotions connected to those old events, it’s important that we move away from that place of low vibration in order to avoid attracting more distress into our present life. The feeling of distress is a recycling of a past event that has not been released energetically. It is up to us to do whatever it takes to take out minds off the past and find the courage to forgive and let go.

Do it because it’s time to heal. But most of all, do it to set yourself FREE.

Let go of past disappointments and create space for peace to expand within you. Similar to a closet that needs decluttering, you create space by letting go of things that create clutter. In the same way, awakening to your authentic self requires an empty closet. Let go of clutter to make space for spiritual freedom.

Always remember, you’ll know you’re heading in the right direction when you no longer have interest in looking back.

Trust that you can do this. Trust in yourself. πŸ™πŸ’–

To learn more about eliminating your limiting beliefs and letting go of the past, join me for a free, 4-day workshop on how to do this. Click here to get started.


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