The January Cure

Hello all. I hope you had a lovely holiday season and a wonderful New Year. We’re in full Covid lockdown at the moment, so our New Year was very quiet. We drove around downtown checking out the Christmas lights, armed with hot chocolate and then we actually managed to stay awake until midnight when we toasted 2021 with a glass of champagne.

This time of the year, I like to do a mini Spring clean. Things I haven’t been able to get to for a few months and, with us being inside more in the winter, I always feel like the house needs a bit of freshening up.

Hubby loves coffee mugs and we seem to have accumulated some more in the last few months, so I started there, weeding out the things we don’t love or use anymore.

And then tidying it all up a bit so we can see what we have.

The pantry needed straightening up. I do this every two or three months, otherwise things get hidden and I end up buying things I already have!

Likewise with the bathroom cupboard. Things get tossed and jumbled.

And then the rugs and carpets needed cleaning also. I have 2 cats and a dog which adds to the stale-ness of everything

I laundered the throw blankets and quilts and called it a day! The house now has a lovely fresh feel and smell to it.

What are your January chores? Let me know in the comments section.


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