Living Consciously and Working Online


Learn how you can earn a full time income by promoting sustainable living, health consciousness, travel and community. Watch the 30 minute web class to learn more.

Here’s a brief overview of what you get when you say yes to yourself:

✅ Highly Effective Sales Funnel Systems that work for both experienced business owners and entrepreneurs.

✅ Detailed Step by Step Training to break down exactly how to build a system that generates daily sales and a multiple 6 figure income per year.

✅ Automation Tools that free up your time and make scaling easy.

✅ Personalized Success Plan: Getting ultra clear on the vision for your business and put the steps in place to serve your ideal buyers with high ticket sales.

✅ Lead Magnet Advertising Training: Get leads and buyers by running ads that convert on multiple social media platforms. We’ll show you how to ensure your ads reach and attract the right people.

✅ Ad Text Copy That Converts: Learn how to write in a way that positions you as the expert.

✅ Sales Closed For You: Sales are closed for you by a trained Digital Business Specialist (DBS). No selling required by you.

✅ 6 Figure Mindset: Learn to overcome self-sabotage, procrastination and fear to smash through your goals.

✅ Online and In Person Networking: Meet like-minded entrepreneurs and make new connections.

✅ Q&A and Laser Coaching Sessions: Get all of your questions answered and expert eyes on your campaigns on our live weekly mastermind training sessions.

✅All this and Much More.Welcome to the BIGGEST and BEST Online Business in the world.

✅ An incredible online community who are there to support, encourage and offer advice 24/7.


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