Five Reasons to Drink Kangen Water

Hello everyone! Seven months ago I bought a Kangen water machine. After a month or so of drinking it, using it in my cooking, boiling it in my kettle for tea and coffee, and cleaning my home with it, I was so impressed that I knew I would never go back to filtered or bottled water, or use harsh and poisonous chemicals to clean my home again.

There are many reasons to use and drink Kangen water. Here are five:

It’s Alkaline

Disease cannot grow in an alkaline environment. It balances our body back to homeostasis – something we’ve all experienced in this house.

It’s Micro-clustered

When the water travels through the machine, it’s electrified by 8 platinum plates. This process is called electrolysis. There’s so much force and electricity going through the machine, it changes the molecular structure of the water and makes the water molecules smaller.

Imagine: If your cell was a chain link fence and you were trying to throw baseballs through the fence, maybe 1 out of 10 would go through! However, if you threw golf balls through the chain link fence, you would get at least 8 or 9, or even all 10 of them through. This is key! This is the difference between regular water and micro-clustered water! THIS IS WHY WE ARE ALL FEELING SO HYDRATED!

If you drink a large glass of tap, filtered, or bottled water you feel bloated. It sits in the stomach. I have experienced this! But when you drink Kangen water you are getting cellular hydration! You won’t feel bloated and uncomfortable because the water isn’t going to sit in your stomach – it’s going to be absorbed on a cellular level.

This is way different than any other water I have ever consumed.

Kangen Water Has Antioxidants

When it goes through the process of electrolysis it changes the molecular structure of the water and it also adds molecular hydrogen to the water. Molecular hydrogen is an antioxidant and it is extremely potent. Antioxidants reverse oxidization. We don’t want oxidization – it causes aging, but we can reverse the oxidization process with antioxidants. We can stay looking younger and keep our body functioning at its best.

It Has the Ability to Wash Pesticides and Herbicides off Your Fruit & Vegetables

I don’t know about you, I don’t want to consume poison. Using the 11.5 pH strong alkaline Kangen water, I realized just how much of that was on our food. Yes, we buy predominantly organic, so this was a shock. We always wash them in 11.5 pH now and the water turns yellow! That’s oil from the pesticides and herbicides sprayed on food (click here for more information on that). They use oil because normal rain water won’t wash off oil. Regular tap water won’t remove this from your food, but the 11.5 pH Kangen water strips the oil from pesticides.

It Detoxifies and Boosts Immunity

Drinking Kangen water is better than regular water because alkaline ions in it combines with acidic toxins in the blood, flushing out toxins which also boosts your immune system.

To learn how to live a more conscious and sustainable life, click here.

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