3 Golden Rules to Being a Good Plant Parent

Hello everyone. While house plants are a huge interiors trend, and they add to your home’s ambiance and aesthetic, they do come with the very specific challenge of having to care for them and keep them alive in order to look good. 

Taking care of your plants is rewarding, more so when you do it sustainably. For example, instead of manually watering your plants, which wastes a lot of water, you can use a simple yet practical approach, like water from an evaporative air conditioner. This water, condensate water, has essential minerals for your plant, so you’ll be conserving water while helping your plants stay healthy. With that said, now is the perfect time to get an emergency air conditioning repair if you have a broken air conditioner.

Here’s some tips to ensure your little ones grow up big and strong:

Pick Your Perfect Match

First up, pick a plant that matches the level of time, care and attention you’re willing and able to dedicate to it. Decide if you’re up for the challenge before picking a time-intensive or sensitive plant. Do your research before you head to the garden centre – or you could end up bringing something home like an Elephant’s Ear, which needs constant watering, or a Calathea, which is prone to suffer in the cold, without any idea of how much attention you’ll eventually need to give them. It’s important that you buy the right plant that fits your lifestyle. 

Don’t Give Plants Too Much Attention

You may think something like a cacti or succulent is easy to care for, but these types of plant in particular can suffer from over-attention. If you water them any more than sparsely, they can quickly turn into a mushy mess. Practice restraint and only water cacti once a month. Lastly, use mulch to conserve your plant’s nutrients and different vital needs.

Find the Right Spot

Remember every plant is different, so while an Echerveria may flourish on your sunny windowsill, others do better in low light levels. A little bit of research into your species (before you throw out the plant name label) goes a long way to ensure you’re not fighting a losing battle against the elements you’ve placed your house plant in.

Aside from being a practical aesthetic, indoor plants can improve your concentration and overall well being.

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