Why Do We Worry About Things That We Can’t Control?

It could be a heartbreak, failure, or even a crisis.

We are disturbed not by what happens, but by the meaning we give to what happens. We suffer most in imagination, than from the things that happen to us.

I cried, and sometimes still cry, because I had let myself suffer so, so much in my own imagination for months. In the moment its challenging not to beat yourself up when you experience a crisis or perceived negative experience. BUT don’t let it last. What gets us going is not to stay in that state for too long. Weeks is too long, months is too long, years is waayyyyy tooo long.

The one thing that changed my life and ended my suffering was A CHANGE IN PERSPECTIVE. Instead of focusing on all the things that went wrong, or what I could have done better, I began asking myself, “If it was a year from today and I am living a good life – thriving – what does that look like for me?” A perspective of FUTURE FOCUS was what helped me to changed my life.

Write down I AM statements from that perception and constantly read through them. People without a vision perish. What you are wanting to do here is create a vision for yourself so that you can have something to pull you forward.

I created something to pull me forward and today I am thriving.

If I can do it, you can too.

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