Home Office (Re) Organization

I don’t know when my office started becoming a catch-all for stuff, but it started to resemble a junk shop. Of course, thinking it would take up a lot of my time, I put it off until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I spend a good chunk of my day in here, so I need it to be a pleasant place to spend my time in.

A few weeks ago, I had repurposed the closet space in the kitchen to house toilet paper and paper towel, which meant that my grandson’s crafting basket, which used to be in that space, had to go somewhere else. This is where it landed along with some shipping tape and other shipping materials.

It’s funny how, when one space gets messy, all the other spaces in that room seem to go the same way.

There were papers everywhere (and that vacuum cleaner?)

wires all over the place

all kinds of things stuffed into the closet

and the cupboard


The first thing I did was sort out all the papers and other stuff lying around that needed to be thrown out

And I then I put the green, way-too-long extension cord back in the garage and “stole” a multi-purpose plug from hubby’s side of the bed 😆

filed all the papers that were lying around

and organized the drawers

So far, so good. Next, I sorted all my grandson’s craft stuff so we could find it all

and then moved it to a shelf in the closet

The other craft items that were in the other cupboard, were organized into containers and also placed in the closet

All the office supplies, shipping supplies and books were moved to the cupboard in the far corner

Lastly, my note books and headphones went into a basket, and the speaker that was in a corner on the floor was moved to the printer table

Now, I LOVE spending time in here.

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