Fort Edmonton, A Taste of Edmonton, A Drive Through the Farmlands

Hello everyone. It’s been a busy couple of weeks, I tell ya! First of all, a day out at Fort Edmonton Park. It’s a historic walk through Edmonton’s history from 1885 to the 1920’s.

The first thing we saw was the old train that takes passengers to and from various places in the park. We chose to walk and see it all promising to come back another time and ride the train.

Of course, no park is complete without a ferris wheel.

First stop, the 1920’s garage where the smell of oil was apparent. It brought back childhood memories of my father’s home shop.

Lovely 1920’s cars

And the first Harley-Davidson. Haha – that would have been me in the sidecar.

Then, onto the farm where we saw beautiful Shire horses that pulled the wagons

And the farm equipment of the day

The Firehouse and Police Station complete with Jail

Whew! Imagine wearing that heavy, bearskin coat!

The church and the schoolhouse

The houses and living quarters

Furs were the main source of trading back then

The original Fort – The Governor’s House

After many hours of walking (about 4 in total), a cold glass of wine and a light meal at the 1920’s Mahogany Bar!

What an amazing day out!

The following Saturday was Alex’s 29th birthday and we had a family dinner.

Last Thursday, Tori went into hospital for yet another cardioversion. This time it worked. His heart is back into regular rhythm for the first time in over a year! We’re so relieved as its caused other health issues also which we hope will resolve themselves.

To celebrate, we went to A Taste of Edmonton on Friday evening. It’s a festival where restaurants and food trucks provide samples of their food.

We sampled food from First Nations Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Italy – all incredibly delicious

And then sat down to people watch

and listen to live music

All in all, a really great evening.

Yesterday, we took the top off the Jeep and went for a drive in the country

Through beautiful farmland – wheat fields and pretty canola fields

And always the ever present oil

We stopped at the small town of Mundare – clearly the home of sausages!

So we popped in to the Meat Shop to see what all the fuss was about.

I guess people did that a lot!

Everything looked and smelled incredible, so we bought a meat pack from them

which came in the nifty bag to keep everything cold on the drive home.

I spent Saturday night doing an e-clean on my Kangen Water Machine. Aaah, life in the fast lane!



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