Goodbye to Willow, a New Friend & Sunflowers

After many months of trying different things with Willow, including many procedures to clean her bowels and more medication, and after all of it failing, I made the decision not to put her through anymore and had her euthanized on the 29th. She was such a sweet little thing, always wanting a cuddle and a lap to sleep on. She sat with me while I had my coffee in the mornings and cuddled with me in the evenings on the couch. I’m going to miss that so much.

Visited the grandchildren over the weekend. Ella always cries her heart out for the first half hour or so, and then is sunshine and rainbows after that. Neil was his usual busy self, wanting me to play with him.

I met new friend – someone I met on Nextdoor when I posted that I was new in Edmonton and would love to meet up with some people. Verna responded and we went for a walk on Sunday morning. She took me to some lovely places with some really great views, but I couldn’t photograph any or them due to the smoke from the British Columbia fires.

I took a new route on my own walk around our neighbourhood today and come across some colourful front doors and huge sunflowers.

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