Take a Walk With Me

This past year, I’ve been on a journey to have a successful online business, retire my husband and move to Belize (for most of the year, anyway). It’s been a year of personal development and practical business courses in which I have learned things about myself that have changed my life. But, I haven’t implemented any of this newfound education and so, last week I decided that it’s time to take action.

I have committed to being successful in every area of my life, and one of those areas is to eat a (more) clean and healthy diet, and become strong and energetic through exercise.

So, on Monday, I began the weightloss/get fit journey. To read about that, click here. I’ve lived in this area for 18 months now and in all that time, I never knew that this beautiful area and park existed. You can’t see it from the road. I was so amazed that I plan to come back here and explore it some more.

I deviated from my usual route and turned left from townhouse land into huge, opulent house land. Who knew I lived in such a “posh” neighbourhood! Looks like it’s bin day.

And the around the next corner, a gated community. No unsightly bins here!

Just beyond that, a pathway. Well, I just had to walk down that! I love a good mystery.

A short walk and it opened up into this beautiful park behind the school (the school grounds are on my left)

A little further down – this!

And a bench to sit and enjoy it. No sitting for me today!

Around the bend, ducks

And another bench to enjoy some more. Alas, not today.

The scent from the Geraniums was beautiful.

Turning away from the lake, I came across this lovely little sitting area and beyond it, a gazebo. I make a note to come back and explore that area next time.

Into a straight stretch and a row of pretty trees with some kind of fruit on them

More huge houses

A tree and pretty flowers adorned the exit of the park

And then, just like that, I was back in townhouse land again – just a 20 minute round trip from my house

Through the village centre

Across the road from my house, I noticed this house – pink front door, pink flowers and another pink front door acting as a gate to their yard! Love it!

I’m so glad I decided to walk – I would have missed it all!

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