My Weightloss Journey – The Beginning

Hello everybody. I was going to post this in My (Almost) Vegetarian Life but I see now that it needs it’s own category.

This past year, I’ve been on a journey to have a successful online business, retire my husband and move to Belize (for most of the year, anyway). It’s been a year of personal development and practical business courses in which I have learned things about myself that have changed my life. But, I haven’t implemented any of this newfound education and so, last week I decided that it’s time to take action.

I have committed to being successful in every area of my life, and one of those areas is to eat a (more) clean and healthy diet, and become strong and energetic through exercise.

So, on Monday, I began the weight loss/get fit journey and today is the first of many posts about this. I’ll be posting my progress every Friday, so be sure to sign up to receive email reminders so you don’t miss any of them!

A quick background – I’m on the wrong side of 50 and, after I quit smoking 7 years ago, I put on 40lbs! As you can see, I’ve haven’t been very successful in losing it, although, lack of exercise and ice cream hasn’t really helped!

Day 1 – Monday, August 23 – Weight is at 170.6 (yikes!)

It was cold and rainy today, so I started yoga. I found Adriene’s 30-Day Challenge on YouTube and decided to go with that. I Can’t believe how unfit I am! But I managed the 40 minutes even though I struggled to do one or two of the poses. It’s only day one, right?

I had a smoothie for breakfast

hard boiled egg for a snack, green salad with tuna for lunch and a yoghurt. For the first time in a long time, I wasn’t hungry until supper time. I had a cheeky glass of white wine while I was prepping supper which was a broccoli, pasta dish from Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals cookbook. It was delish with a lovely lemon, basil and garlic dressing poured over it.

And 2.5 litres of water.

Day 2 – Tuesday, August 24 – Weight is 169.6 (Yay!)

Well, as you can see, I lost 1 lb overnight. I have a feeling some of it is water weight, but I’ll take it.

It was sunny today, so I went for a walk and listened to one of my colleagues speak to our community about how she retired her husband and moved her family (6 year old son) to Costa Rica in 18 months of starting her online business. My goal is to do the same except move to Belize! I managed 4,201 steps.

Today was a bit of a backward day because I had a zoom call at 8 am with the ladies in my Mastermind group. I know it’s fairly early, but we’re in Canada, the US and England, so have to find a time that works for everyone.

Say hellOooo …

Everything was a couple of hours later, so I had a quick hard boiled egg before my walk, and then after my shower, I had my smoothie. By that time it was about 11 am, so I had my tuna salad at around 2pm and then was back on track for my supper at 6:30.

Another lovely glass of wine while prepping supper which was Greek sausages, broccoli and carrots. Had 3 L of water today.

Day 3 – Wednesday, August 25 – Weight is 169.4 😄

Another couple of ounces! I’ll take all I can get!

Did day 2 of Adriene’s 30-day yoga challenge. I struggled with some of the positions – like coming from half cobra up to a lunge. I couldn’t get my legs to cooperate.

Nevertheless, I stood up and then went into the lunge and then managed warrior pose with a few wobbly moments. I didn’t actually fall over or overbalance which was a good thing.

Another smoothie for breakfast and, later, a hardboiled egg for a snack. Lunch was another salad with tuna and feta cheese. I managed another 2 L of water.

Hubby came home for two nights (he’s a long-haul truck driver) and we went out for wings (it’s been sooo long since we went out for supper). I found the wings very salty and the sauce very sweet – I guess my tastes have changed and I don’t like wings anymore (uuggh), so we decided to switch to our favourite Italian restaurant next time. I had 2 lovely glasses of pinot grigio. I’m sure this whole meal did nothing for my weightloss.

Day 4 – Thursday, August 26 – Weight is … 172.2. 😒

So, as you can see, the salt from the wings and chips last night caused an almost 3 lb weight increase! I guess I’ll be drinking more water today to counteract this.

Went for a walk this morning as it’s a lovely, sunny day. Found a beautiful park just 10 minutes from where I live. For the full post on this walk, click here. You can’t see this park from the road, so if I hadn’t been walking, I would never have known it existed. Did 5,440 steps today.

I ran out of spinach this morning for my smoothie, so I had a poached egg with 2 slices of turkey bacon on whole wheat bread. Lunch was leftover Broccoli Pasta from Monday night, and in the evening, we barbecued lovely pork chops, potato salad and green salad. And, of course, another glass of wine (can you see a pattern emerging here?)

Day 5 – Friday, August 27 – Weight is 168.6. Ta da!!!

Lost all the water weight PLUS almost another pound! Yay! 🤳 💥

Day 3 of Adriene’s 30-day yoga challenge. Today was a lot of balance work and I had a VERY hard time keeping my balance. Just another reminder of how unfit I am. To get the workout, I eventually put one hand on the wall to steady myself. I KNOW it’ll get better and I’m excited to get to the point where I can do all the positions with ease!

Had my regular smoothie, hardboiled egg for a snack, salad with tuna and feta for lunch and Broccoli Pasta for supper. Don’t forget the glass of wine!

See you next Friday!!

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