The End of Summer

It’s the last week of August, and it’s sad for me to think that Summer is already over. The days are getting chilly and we’ve had more rain and wind. Last week, I noticed the leaves were starting to turn

and the petals on my flowers are dropping

The end of the month marks moving day and it looks like we’re getting new neighbours

Neil came to visit for the day. It’s always a fun day when he comes. We went for a walk, but had to turn back because it started raining. Our goal was this park, but we didn’t make it. Aaah well, next time.

On the way home we bought ice cream.

and then we did some painting until lunch time when we went out for pizza and Neil had this blue-looking milkshake

I told him he looked like a Smurf! He didn’t know what that was, so when we got home, I found the Smurfs on Netflix and he was hooked! 😂

The next day he started school – Grade 1. Growing up so fast.

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that it’s time to get serious about health and fitness. You can read about my journey here. I made a meal plan based on Weight Watcher’s points, and worked out a fitness routine that I’m likely to stick to. Walking on days when the weather’s good, dance on the days it’s not, and yoga on alternate days. It’s been almost 2 weeks and I’ve been doing it every day and feeling really good.

Money has been tight this month. Tori didn’t work very much in July due to all the doctor’s appointments and tests. Fortunately, he’s improving, so won’t have to see the doctors until early in the new year, but we’ve been struggling to put food on the table or gas in the car. Sigh … this too shall pass.

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