The Last of the Summer, Italian Coffee and a Birthday

Hello all. At the beginning of the week, we had a day or so of quite cold and rainy weather, and then back to warm and sunny. ❤️ Maggie’s been spending her days soaking up the last of the summer sun.

I’ve been doing well on my new exercise and meal plan and am feeling really good going into week 3. You can read about my weight loss / fitness journey here.

Tori was home for the weekend and we went for coffee, pizza and gelato at an Italian coffee shop near us

Although I think the cups were a little small for Tori’s, er, large fingers. 🤣

Saw this on our walk on Monday – so cute.

And then spent Labour Day Monday making truck food – jar salads, pasta and chicken teriyaki.

Afterwards, a lovely afternoon on the balcony sipping wine and barbecuing ribs.

Before Tori left for work on Tuesday, he bought me a relaxing bath soak and these were the instructions on the back 😂

Neil went back for surgery on Tuesday as his body was rejecting the first tube. It was quick and easy this time and his Dad took him to the movies in the afternoon.

Had a lovely walk this morning. I really do live in the prettiest neighbourhood

Saturday was Neil’s 6th birthday party. It’s gone by so fast and in that time, so many hospital visits due to his heart and digestion issues, which he’s taken in his stride. He really has taught us how to simply accept what is.

It was a perfect end to the week.

Next week, more birthday shenanigans!

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