My Weight Loss Journey – Week 4

Day 20 – September 11 – Weight is 170

The day started off well – smoothie for breakfast, yoga.

And then I attended my grandson’s 6th birthday party. There was cake. Chips. M & M’s. Yummy. I didn’t stuff my face, but enjoyed a piece of cake, a small packet of chips and a handful of M & M’s. I also didn’t drink near as much water as I usually do.

For supper, I had leftover Daal from Day 18.

Day 21 – September 12

I didn’t weigh myself today. I was feeling pretty tired and so decided to take a day off.

I read my book, watched feel-good movies, and … ate a bag of chips πŸ™‚

Day 22 – September 13 – Weight is 170

Today I was frustrated at the lack of progress. I realize it’s probably due, in part, to the wine, so have switched to vodka. But I also sought advice from a Weight Watcher’s counsellor. She said that my smoothie might also be contributing. When we blend fruit, it counts as more points (or calories) because, we tend to put more fruit into a smoothie that would if we were eating it whole. She suggested I try a protein shake in the mornings instead.

It kinda made sense, so when I go grocery shopping on Wednesday, I’ll buy a protein shake.

Did 3,872 steps today. Drinking in the beautiful neighbourhood before it all turns to bare branches and snow.

Had a low-yolk egg salad sandwich today on one slice of whole wheat bread for lunch today and Mediterranean Orecchiette with White Beans, Tomatoes & Olives from supper from one of my favourite food blogs, The Mediterranean Dish.

Day 23 – September 14 – Weight is 170

Getting MUCH better at yoga. Did a lot of arms and legs today (plank, lunges, squats, warrior pose) and there was definitely less huffing and puffing and no grunting at all! 🐷 ❀️

Finishing off the last of the fruit and bananas in my smoothie today. Also finishing off the last of the turkey in my turkey club sandwich for lunch. I think it’s time for a change!

Today is my granddaughter’s first birthday, so back again to my son’s house for another little celebration. This time, I had steak, salad and mashed potatoes for supper, and a small piece of birthday cake afterwards.

Day 24 – September 15 – Weight is 169.8

Finally!! Below the 170 mark.

It was cold and cloudy this morning, so I went for my walk in the afternoon when it warmed up. Soon, I’ll have to dance indoors!

One more smoothie for breakfast this morning before grocery shopping and buying my protein shake. I’ve changed up my lunches to Open Faced Tuna Melt Sandwich from Skinny Taste, and a 15-Minute Mediterranean Sardine Salad from The Mediterranean Dish.

Also planned out my supper meal plan for next week. You can find that here.

Had Pork Steaks, Hungarian Pepper Sauce & Rice for supper.

Day 25 – September 16 – Weight is 169.8

Yoga today – it’s getting SO much easier. To be honest, I didn’t feel like it today, BUT I can’t give up now. Thank good I did – I really enjoyed it. I never thought I’d say that.

My breakfast protein shake (chocolate) to day was deeelicious! I’m so relieved, because I’ve had ones that have been chalky and taste horrible. I added one scoop to a glass of almond milk. AND it kept me full until lunch time. Had a lovely Mediterranean White Bean Sardine Salad – surprisingly filling.

I got in some extra exercise this morning when I went to West Edmonton Mall today and got slightly lost (it’s the biggest in North America) – almost 3,000 steps!

Day 26 – September 17 – Weight is 169.4

A slight loss, but better than nothing.

Today is my birthday, but hubby won’t be back until tonight. My daughter took me out for breakfast and I pigged out on waffles πŸ’ with no thought whatsoever to calories, points or anything else. 😁

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. I had a sandwich for lunch and leftovers for supper. Hubby came home at about 8:00 pm and we had a glass of wine together on the patio.

Until next week.

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