Bedroom Dresser Vignette

This “dresser” started it’s life off in our house as a linen cupboard in a house where storage was in short supply.

But our townhouse here in Edmonton has plenty of that so we put it in the bedroom. Not sure whether we were going to keep it nor not, it was the only place where it fitted.

Now, in need of extra clothing storage, I started to use it, but the top ended up being a catch-all for all kinds of stuff. Uugh!

So I cleaned it up a little and made it more pleasant to look at (and peaceful), since my bed faces it.

These three owls were on the hall table, but I Fall-i-fied it a few days ago. You can see how that turned out in this post.

And the flowers were on my nightstand

I brought the Himalayan Lamp up from our basement as we don’t spend a lot of time down there, and the dragon was a recent purchase where you put an incense cone on top of him and the smoke drifts down through is nostrils and onto his belly, like in the image below

I love how his silhouette looks against the lamp. It’s very calming and peaceful at bed time.

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