Spices Refill, Pantry (re)Organization, Baking Bread

Saturday was supposed to be a day off for me, but I started refilling the spices and couldn’t stop after that!

Most of the them were empty, or almost empty

So I refilled them all

and made a note to buy whatever was running low

I like it 😁 I keep the ones I use the most next to the stove, and the overflow in a drawer nearby.

Next victim was the pantry. A pantry is always an ever-evolving thing as our tastes change. I took all the containers out to reassess

and then refilled the switched things out as needed. Much better!

And it passed inspection by Maggie

I had a lot of rice that I use mostly to put in the dog food I make for Chewy, so I decided to cook it all and freeze it.

And then I made a loaf of bread. There’s something therapeutic about kneading bread dough.

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