Fall Mantle & A Day With the Grandchildren

Winter is getting closer! Yikes. The leaves on some of the trees in our street are almost all gone.

But, it’s still quite warm, thank goodness. We’re still managing an evening drink on our patio most evenings.

We spent the day with Ella and Neil on Thursday. Went for a long walk to the park – such beautiful Fall colours

Neil, who used to be camera shy, now wanted his photo taken everywhere

And photobombed Grandpa and Ella’s photos!

Back at home, we painted

Took silly selfies

and just hung out

It was fun, but tiring for people who don’t do this full time anymore!

On Saturday, I did some Fall mantle decorating. We went to the dollar store and bought some supplies

And then added white stones, acorns and pine cones to glass jars

And added leaves, pumpkins, pine cones and candles

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