My (Almost) Vegetarian Life! Soups, More Soups and Updated Truck (Freezer) Meals for Hubby

Hello everyone. It’s been a couple of weeks, I know. Time just seems to fly by this year.

I updated hubby’s truck meals. I’ve found some really delicious freezer meals for him to take on the road with him this time, and a nice variety so he doesn’t get sick of eating the same old thing! I put them in freezer bags so that he can lay them flat in his tiny truck freezer and in his cooler. That way, he can fit way more in than if I stored them in plastic containers. These meals are great to cook in bulk and freeze at home as well.

Beef Kofta served with Naan

Mexican Mac & Cheese

Hungarian Pork served with scalloped potatoes

Various frozen Tortellini and Ravioli bought from our favourite Italian supermarket, mixed with home made Alfredo and Rose Sauces

And Sausage Fusili

That should keep him going for a while.

This weeks’ meal plan for myself is a lot more meatless meals than last time, and some delicious soups (I love soup). These meals are all take from Jamie Oliver’s book 15-Minute Meals, but you can find them online also.

Monday – Mexican Tomato Soup

Tuesday – Cajun Shrimp, Sweet Potato, Veges

Wednesday – Butternut Squash Soup, Sage Dumplings

Thursday – Vegetarian Burgers

Friday – Vegetarian Spring Fritatta, Tomato Toasts

Saturday – Sausage Fusili, Salad

Sunday – Mexican BLT, Guacamole & Salad

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