Harvestfest/Winterfest, Lucy Settling In & a Trip to the Italian Store

My husband, Michael, is from Viking descent, and so we incorporate some of the Norse holidays and feasts into our life. October 31st is Halloween for most people. For us it’s Harvestfest/Winterfest, for others it’s Samhain. Whatever you call it, it’s as good excuse as any for a feast and, of course, wine. “Wine” for this particular celebration means mulled wine and delicious mead.

We decided on a ham, scalloped potatoes, carrots and greens, followed by Sweet Potato Pie and ice cream.

The next day, we visited our favourite store, The Italian Centre, to get some food for Michael to take on the road with him (he’s a long-haul truck driver) It’s an Italian supermarket and restaurant filled with organic produce and counters packed full of imported and local cheeses, cured and smoked meats, olives and antipasto, dips, sauces and spices, at very affordable prices.

After buying what we needed, we stopped by the bakery for cookies

And, of course, no trip is complete without gelato!

Lucy, our new kitten, is settling in well and getting into everything!

Maggie seems to have accepted her and they play together in the mornings and snuggle sometimes in the afternoons.

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