My (Almost) Vegetarian Life – Harvestfest and Winter Comfort Food

My husband is from Viking descent, and so we incorporate some of the Norse holidays and feasts into our life. October 31st is Halloween for most people. For us it’s Harvestfest/Winterfest, for others it’s Samhain. Whatever you call it, it’s as good excuse as any for a feast and, of course, wine. “Wine” for this particular celebration means mulled wine and delicious mead.

We moved our meal forward to Saturday because hubby had to work the next day. For our meal, we decided on a ham, scalloped potatoes, carrots and greens, followed by Sweet Potato Pie and ice cream.

After such deliciousness and decadence, I was feeling a bit blah yesterday, so I decided a reset is in order.

Pears for breakfast accompanied by green tea and ginger. Also, blueberry smoothies.

For lunch – salads that include leafy greens (in this case, spinach) and avocado

And for supper, foods that have plenty of protein and fibre in them.

Instead of snacks, I’ll be having tea, and for an evening hot drink, I found a lovely, comforting spicy warm milk recipe, called Golden Milk.

I haven’t been drinking enough water these past few days, so I filled up a 2L jug of Kangen water 9.5 to remind me to drink at least that amount per day.

Here’s this week’s meal plan:

MondayMexican Tomato Soup

Tuesday – Cajun Shrimp, Brown Rice with mushrooms and green peppers

WednesdayMeatless Burgers and coleslaw

Thursday Sausage Fusilli, salad

Friday Mexican BLT, Guacamole & Salad

SaturdayKenyan Braised Collard Greens & Ground Beef

Sunday – Leftovers

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