Steps and Stages When Manifesting

When people manifest small things in their life such as parking spots, calls from long-lost friends, or small amounts of money, those manifestations can seem to pop out of nowhere.

But when we’re manifesting large things in our lives, they generally don’t happen instantly. Usually, with larger goals, there are steps and stages you need to go through as you accomplish them, and it’s important to remember this when we’re creating them.

People don’t wake up one morning owning a hundred-million-dollar business. They don’t just come home from work one day and suddenly have their dream house. They don’t roll over in bed, and their life partner is unexpectedly sleeping beside them. There will almost always be progression towards larger goals.

First, you’ll come up with a business idea. Then you’ll start to get customers. Then you’ll scale and expand. Or, first, you’ll shop for a house. Then you’ll go through negotiations and closing, and then you’ll move in. You get the idea.

Many people are so focused on the final end result appearing that they don’t even notice when the first steps on the path appear before them. They focus on manifesting the house, the abundance, the business, or the relationship and keep waiting for it to suddenly appear and miss the opportunities and resources that appear before them and are their first steps towards their goals.

A great business idea may pop into their head, but they don’t even write it down. There may be great houses for sale in an area they like, but they don’t even investigate them. They may bump into a person who is perfect for them and then walk right past them. The resources, steps, and support they need to create what they want in their lives may be right in front of them, but they are so focused on the end result appearing instantly that they don’t even notice that the path to creating what they want is at their feet, and all they need to do is step forward and walk down the path. But instead, they stand there waiting for victory to arrive on its own.

There is an old story that I think is a great analogy for this:

There was a small village that was in danger of being flooded due to a coming tropical storm. Most of the people left their homes for a safer location to wait for the floodwaters to recede, but one man stayed at home. When people asked him why he was staying there with such danger approaching, the man would simply reply that the universe would save him.

Sure enough, the floodwaters began to rise through the town, and the man climbed onto the roof of his house to await the universe’s intervention. He was certain the universe would save him. Very soon, a person came by on a small raft. They offered to take the man to safety, but the man refused, saying that the universe would save him.

And the floodwaters continued to rise.

As the water reached the roof of the man’s house, some people came by in a larger boat. They told the man they would ensure the he got to safety until the floodwaters receded. The man thanked them and wished them well on their journey. He knew the universe would save him.

As the waters rose even higher, the man had to climb to the top of his chimney, and as he did, a helicopter appeared. The helicopter lowered a ladder to the man, and the people onboard beckoned him to climb up to safety. But, once again, the man refused because the universe was going to save him.

And the waters continued to rise, and rise until the man had nowhere to go and nothing to hang onto. It was not until then that he felt afraid. ‘Why had the universe not saved him?’ He asked himself. He had faith. He had no doubt. He felt positive about the outcome, but there he was abandoned by the universe and left to drown.

He never realized that the universe had provided him the raft, the boat, and a helicopter, but he didn’t leverage those opportunities. Instead, he let them pass him by.

It’s the same with many people when they are trying to manifest big things in their life – they’re so focused on receiving an instant miracle that they don’t notice all the miracles that are right in front of them every day. Miracles like the ideas, inspirations, opportunities, coincidences, people, teachers, mentors, and all the other resources they need to create the lives they want.

When we are manifesting, we are gaining access to all the resources we need to create the lives we desire. We then need to step forward and walk the path that will lead us to our end goal.

Don’t let your raft, boat, or helicopter pass you by. Keep your eyes and ears open and leverage everything that comes your way. You must take action.

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