My (Almost) Vegetarian Life – Ayurveda Cleanse and Cleaner Eating

I realize that I’ve been falling off the clean eating wagon quite a lot lately – lots of ice cream, pop corn and stuff like that. My stomach hasn’t thanked me and, as a result I’ve been feeling bloated and, well, blah.

So I’ve tweaked the meal plan a bit this week. Firstly, I’ve decided to do a 3-day Ayurvedic cleanse and reset. I chose an Ayurvedic cleanse because it’s based on plenty of comforting, yet light and easily digestible food with plenty of herbs and spices to support and rekindle your Agni. I start tomorrow and this is the plan I’ll be following.

Moving forward from that, I’ll be including more foods into my diet that support gut health. It includes drinking more green tea with ginger, golden milk (so comforting at night) and for breakfast:

Oatmeal served with ghee, dates, cinnamon, and turmeric powder, it’s full of anti-inflammatory ingredients that will keep the digestive system ticking. Equally packed with fibre, this is something I need to keep me fueled throughout the morning.

Rice and Raisin Ayurvedic Breakfast – A delicious rice pudding breakfast that’s quick and easy to make (quick and easy are my two favourite words when it comes to cooking)

and a Spicy Vegetable Omelette.

And for lunches, plenty of things that include fresh fruit and vegetables.

Here’s next week’s supper menu:

MondayRosemary Chicken, Grilled Polenta & Porcini Sauce

Tuesday – Chicken Liver Salad with Little Welsh Rarebites

Wednesday – Simple Spaghetti, Tomato, Basil & Creamy Curd Salad

Thursday Mexican Tomato Soup, Chili Nachos, Veggi & Feta Sprinkles

Friday – Grilled Mushroom Sub, Smoky Bacon, Melted Cheese & Pears

Saturday – Vege Chili, Crunchy Tortilla & Avocado Salad

Sunday – Mushroom Soup, Stilton, Apple & Walnut Croutes

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