Winter Slow Down, a New Budge & a Destructive Kitten (aagghhh)

Hello everyone! How are you all?

Nothing much going on here this week. Winter is a time when things slow down a bit.

I’ve been organizing my finances and my meal plans. I’ve let the finances get away from me a bit these past few months and I needed to get back on track if we’re going to save anything or travel. So, I brought up the last 3 months of our bank statements and put all the expenses into categories on a spreadsheet, to see exactly where all the money’s going! I tell ya, it’s a REAL eye opener. Michael spends a lot of money at truck stops when he’s on the road and, while it doesn’t seem all that much at the time, when you look at it over a month, it really adds up. I also noticed we’ve been doing a lot of impulse buying which is a bad habit to fall into. For example, we went to buy Clare’s boyfriend’s (Konrad) birthday present, we bought a few things for our house as well – things we didn’t really need. So, what started out as a $20 present, ended up being an $80 expense! Horrors! Our grocery bills were also unreasonably high. I started meal planning a few years ago in order to save money, but it seems things were getting out of hand there too.

Based on this, I redid the budget with a renewed conviction to cut down on unnecessary spending. I’ll let you know how it goes in another post.

Our new kitten, Lucy, while very sweet most of the time, has also become very destructive – all in the name of playing! She’s quite possibly the most destructive kitten I’ve ever had – and I’ve had quite a few.

She’s gone from leaving cute little footprints around the toilet seat

to breaking or knocking over the ornaments in the living room

Knocking the potted plants off the window sill in the dining room

I repotted the poor thing which used to look like this

and now looks like this

to knocking off Michael’s books and ornaments in his man cave.

Two wine glasses also met a horrible end.

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