Edmonton’s ICE District, A Snow Storm & Pretty Lights

I changed the bed linen 3 times on Thursday afternoon/Friday night! The first time – to put nice clean sheets and duvet on the bed. Then, at bed time, I climb into bed with my book, feeling the nice, clean sheets and feeling good. Then snuggled down for a good night’s sleep. Right? 🛌

WRONG! At around 2 am I hear the familiar sounds of an animal puking. I turn on the night light and leap out bed with lightening speed (nothing like the sound of a puking pet to wake you up). The culprit – our 16 year old dog, Chewy, who’d been eating (more like stealing) the cat’s food earlier. I changed the bedding, cleaned the spot on the carpet where Chewy finished what she started, and snuggled back down again for a few more hours of blissful slumber.

But it was not to be! Just before I turned off the light, I see out of the corner of my eye, the familiar stance of Chewy going to the toilet. Next to me. In my bed. Aargghhh. 😭 Up again with lightening speed, I change the bedding yet again, this time scrambling to find extra blankets to replace the two sets that have been, er, soiled. This time, Chewy is relegated to a blanket on the floor. I snuggle down, yet again, but am now wide awake. I now know what people on the other side of the world post on facebook.

The upside of this whole saga (there’s an upside, you say?) – thank goodness I didn’t have to go to a job today.

We spent a few hours in Edmonton’s ICE District on Saturday. It’s called the ICE district, not because it’s icy (although I’m sure that’s probably true in the winter), but because it’s main attraction is Roger’s Place, the home arena of the Edmonton Oiler’s professional ice hockey team.

If you’re not familiar with Canadian sports, Hockey is HUGE here. It’s like soccer (football) in Europe – HUGE. So we took a little trip downtown to see what it was all about.

ICE District is located in the heart of downtown Edmonton. It’s a 25-acre development combining condos, a public plaza, sports, entertainment, a chic hotel, 208,000 square feet of retail space and 1.3 million square feet of office space all in one location.

There’s a lot of murals painted by local artists around Edmonton, and we came across this one when we went to park our car.

Not far from there, we came upon an outdoor neon sign museum. We made a note to come back here at night.

And across the road, this beautiful old building

According to Michael, the bar in this building has a bit of a sleezy past, but it seems to have cleaned up since becoming part of the snooty part of town.

Some impressive places to live with names like Excelsior Lofts

and Sky Residences

Yikes! There are 66 floors to this building!

And then on to the main event – the hockey stadium

Pretty impressive, doncha think?

It looked like it was closed, so we wandered around outside – replicas of the coveted Stanley Cup won over the years

And the famous hockey legend, Wayne Gretzky

There’s a whole hotel industry that’s been built around this arena

There was a pretty strong, cold wind, so we popped into the mall where we came across this lovely Columbian coffee shop

Where we enjoyed cappuccino, caramel macchiato and delicious scones. The friendly owner chatted to us while we ate and drank relating stories of her home country.

On the way out, we spied this guy and his donkey (or is it an ass?) – a reminder of Edmonton’s humble beginnings.

And then, just like that, it was winter and Edmonton was slammed with a snow storm on Sunday night.

Mother Nature dumped 25 cm of snow on us on Sunday night with a gusty wind and snow drifts. I had to drive Michael to work in it and we encountered all kinds of accidents and traffic jams.

Lucy, who’s never seen snow before, couldn’t figure it out.

The highlight of the week was Thursday, when our neighbours strung some pretty lights on one of the trees in our street.

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