My (Almost) Vegetarian Life. Finally a Way of Eating that’s Working!

Hello everyone! Well, it’s been a week since eating a completely vegetarian diet and Michael’s lost 10 lbs! That’s so encouraging considering his heart condition. We didn’t manage to take his blood pressure as he left his blood pressure machine in his truck (he’s a long-haul truck driver), so we’ll only know later on this week.

Went grocery shopping on Friday and also bought the supplies for Michael’s truck meals. The bill came to half (yes, HALF) of what it would usually be. I was gobsmacked! And delighted 🙂

We’ve been loving the meals and see no reason to stop eating this way.

Most of the meals we had last week can be used for truck meals, so I decided to have the same meals again:

For breakfast, we’ve been having this incredible Tofu Scramble. The tofu tasted and had the same texture as scrambled eggs. You can add your own ingredients to it also. We added mushrooms, chives and tomatoes and had it with tempeh “bacon” and toast. Other breakfasts are oatmeal, organic cereal and toast.

Lunches are usually leftovers.

Monday – Silky Roasted Bell Pepper Pasta with Zucchini Ribbons

Tuesday – Happy Cow Burgers

Wednesday – Green Rice Bowl with Black Bean Croquettes

Thursday – Sweetcorn Vinaigrette Pasta Salad

Friday – “Thanksgiving” Roast

Saturday – Vegetable Pot Pies

Sunday – Leftovers

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