We Are Moving to Gran Canaria!

Well it’s official, folks, we’re moving to Gran Canaria! Where, you say? Gran Canaria is one of the islands in the Canary Islands archipelago off the North coast of Africa.

We’re beyond excited. And terrified. And excited. Three years ago, my dream was to become a digital nomad with an online business that would enable me to live and work from anywhere in the world – and now we’re doing it!

A little background: I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. When I was 36, I moved to Vancouver, Canada and lived, fairly happily, for 23 years. But, it became very expensive to live in Vancouver. At one stage, it was the second most expensive city in the world! And so, my two youngest children and grandchild moved to Edmonton, Alberta. Oil country. Lots of opportunity for them and much, much more affordable to live. In 2019, we decided to move there to be closer to the family and also for a more affordable life.

But Edmonton is very, very different from Vancouver. Although it rains a lot there, the temperatures don’t get much below about -6 deg. C. and very little snow. Edmonton is the complete opposite. Snow from October to March and, in mid-winter, temperatures of between -28 to -40! Horrors! After my second winter there, I hated it. Stuck indoors most of the time and it was very difficult to make new friends when Covid-19 hit shortly after we moved.

I was miserable.

My eldest son, David, lives in Gran Canaria and suggested we move there. Temperatures range from between 15 deg. C and 30 all year round. My kind of place! I longed for warmer climes, beaches, friends, a more laid-back life.

After a lot of research, we took the plunge and bought our air tickets last week for April 1st. Yikes! Beautiful beaches and weather aside, Gran Canaria’s cost of living is 53% lower than that of Canada. Fifty. Three. Percent. That’s insane! The Spanish national healthcare system is among the best in the world. They enjoy a much healthier lifestyle from markets full of fresh fruits and vegetables, freshly caught fish to a year-round outdoor experience.

Now my house looks like this

as we decide what to sell, donate or throw out.

Neither of us have passports, so applications have been sent in. We’re taking our two cats which, at first seemed overwhelming, but as I navigate the requirements, it’s pretty simple.

We’ve started learning Spanish which I’m enjoying immensely.

Follow along with us as we embark on this new journey!

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